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Stockpiling alone will save you hundreds!  Stocking up on a product when it's super cheap is not a groundbreaking idea.  It's common sense, but most shoppers still aren't doing it!

So, all you coupon virgins, how much do you pay for a box of cereal (name brand or generic, it doesn't matter)?  If you're already a Krazy Coupon Lady, how much DID you used to pay?  I don't care where you live or shop, I'm guessing that without coupons, you usually pay at least $1.98 per box of cereal, and that's giving you the benefit of the doubt.  I know many of you are paying $6-8.00 for a two pack of cereal at the Wholesale Club (you know, the place that's charging you an annual fee just so they can rip you off on the cereal mark-ups)!  Come on, fess up!

Here's how stockpiling ALONE can save you real money, no matter how much time you have to devote to deal-finding.

Even the "greenie" coupon ladies know that at least twice per month most stores will have some varieties of cereal priced at under $1.00 (after coupons).  Simply by "stocking-up" on a month's worth of cereal the next time it's $0.70 per box will save you $10+ per month (depending on how much cereal you eat).  My family of 4 goes through about 12 boxes of cereal per month.  I was paying about $3.00 per box before my Krazy Coupon Lady days, now I don't pay over $0.50.  That means I save $30 EVERY MONTH just because I stockpile cereal when it's at a rock bottom price.

The more products you shop for with coupons, the more you'll save.  But if you're feeling too overwhelmed, just start with a few things your family uses often.  Start with products like cereal or high priced items like shampoo and razors. What do those Costco 12 pack of Gillette razor blades cost?  $50 or more?  We Krazy Coupon Ladies stockpile razors from national stores like Target when they're $0.99 or less (and that's for two blades).  If you use one blade per month, you'll save $47 OR MORE per year, just by stockpiling razors at the right time!  And best of all, products like razors don't even take up much space!  Remove them from their bulky packaging and 6 razors+ 12 blades will just about fit in a gallon Ziploc bag!  What are you waiting for?

Stockpiling:  Groungbreaking? Nope.  Genius?  Yep.