One of the most expensive personal care items I bought before I started couponing was razors. Looking back, I shudder to think that I consistently paid over $10 for a razor and $15 for cartridges! Avoid these expensive snags and save on razors the KCL way with these tips:

Reward Programs

Any Krazy Couponer knows that the best place to save on personal care items is at the drugstore. While most items are at full retail price, sales coupled with reward programs dramatically bring down the total. National drugstore rewards include CVS Extra Bucks, Rite Aid +UP Rewards, and Walgreens Register Rewards. These print out after qualifying purchases are made and are good on your next transaction.

Gift Card Promos

Stores like Target can have great promotions that give you store gift cards when qualifying purchases are made, such as “Buy 1 Gillette Razor and 1 Cartridge 4-pack, get a $5 Target Gift Card.” Overall final prices are often a little more expensive than the drugstores but are a good alternative if you prefer to stay away from dealing with reward programs.

Systems and Coupons

A well-kept secret in the couponing world is the best way to buy razors. It’s often cheaper to buy complete razor systems (the razor and one or two cartridges) instead of cartridge packs. While cartridges can range from $10 to 15 per four-pack, razor sets at a six-month stock up price are $0.49 to $1.99. This can add up to big savings, especially when two cartridges are included in the package. However, we are seeing an influx of coupons that are for dollar amounts off of cartridges when you also purchase a razor. This trend tends to favor gift card promotions for the best savings.


Every month or two, there are high-value disposable razor coupons, which, when paired with a sale, make the disposables super cheap or free! You will need more razors on hand if you go the disposable route since they don’t last as long, so be sure to only buy at stock up prices!

Gift Set Clearance

After major holidays, some of the best clearance items are gift sets with razors! Since razor coupons do not exclude gift sets and you are purchasing what is listed on the coupon, you should be able to apply the coupon to the purchase. As a bonus, these sets also include items like body wash and shave gel!