Three reasons to print these Easter candy coupons:

Click the “Print Now” button below to get all of KCL’s current candy coupons in one print. Easter is this Sunday, April 5, 2015. Take the coupons to the store and save now. Or, print and score some major deals next week with post-holiday clearance sales!

1.  Save on filling baskets

These are super cute Easter baskets, aren’t they? Filling any basket with candy can get pricey. That’s why we like coupon savings!

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2.  Sales, Sales, Sales

Since Easter is this Sunday, most stores have current sales on Easter products. While the deal in this picture has expired, it’s an idea of how good savings can be with coupons.

 3.  Post-Holiday Clearance

A couple of these coupons don’t expire until 4/20 which is after Easter. Most stores put all remaining holiday items on clearance. Print the coupons that don’t expire until 4/20 and hang on to them. You just might be able to score some really hot candy clearance deals!