Parents, your kids are going to LOVE this! For a limited time, score a FREE three month trial of Highlights magazines! Ideal for motivating children to read, think, and learn in a fun and educational way, Highlights is a mom-approved publication that’s suitable for children 0-12!

Choose between three options:

  • Highlights Hello Magazine for children ages 0-2
  • Highlights High Five for children ages 2-6
  • Highlights Magazine for children ages 6-12

Signing up for your free magazines is easy. Simply click HERE to choose which magazine you'd like, then fill in your basic information. Highlights does ask for your payment information; however, you are not charged anything during your three months. If you choose to continue your subscription past the free three months, simply do nothing, and you'll be charged for a 1-year subscription. Feel free to cancel anytime by calling 1-888-372-6433.