Costco brought back the best-selling OXO SoftWorks POP container sets both in warehouses and on

No coupons or codes are needed to get the $59.99 price for the OXO Good Grips 9-Piece POP Container Set, or $19.99 price for the OXO Pop SoftWorks 2-Piece Cereal Dispensers. Note that you’ll pay a $4.99 shipping fee if you order the nine-piece set online (the cereal dispensers aren’t online yet).

If you’re looking to save on OXO, Costco’s regular price is discounted deeply compared to other retailers. To compare, the 10-piece set sells for $99.95 on Amazon, and one 4.5-quart cereal dispenser is $22.99 on Amazon.

My store had a very limited stock last year, but you can try your luck and wait for an instant savings offer. They were $12 off in July 2020.

New member offer: Sign up for a membership today and receive a $10 or $20 Costco Shop Card.

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OXO SoftWorks 9-Piece POP Container Set

In stores only

Final Price: $59.99

Do you need a membership to shop Costco? Yes and no. Non-members can purchase most items online with a 5% fee.

Buy 1 OXO SoftWorks 9-Piece POP Container Set $59.99, regular price
Online only
$4.99 shipping
Final Price: $64.98

OXO SoftWorks 2-Piece POP Cereal Dispenser Set

In stores only

Final Price: $19.99, or $10 per container