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Target Easter Clearance: Your Secret Weapon for up to 90% Off Decor & More

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Target has a great selection of affordable Easter items, but the real party starts after the holiday. Shopping Target Easter clearance can save you up to 90%, and if you didn’t know already, the Target clearance schedule always follows a predictable pattern.

Starting the day after Easter, you can get deeply discounted crafts, home decor, Easter candy, cookware, and more at Target. I’m talking about items you can repurpose and use the rest of the year — or stuff you can save until next Easter.

So how do you get the most out of Target’s Easter clearance in 2023? We have all the deets you need, plus tips for getting the best deals. I’ll show you what you can expect to find, when to shop for certain items, and how to score the lowest prices. You don’t even need to know how to coupon at Target to get these Easter finds.


1. Target’s Easter clearance event for 2023 started on Monday, April 10.

A target shelf full of Easter clearance items with a 50% off clearance sign on the shelf

Just like Target’s Christmas clearance, the Easter clearance follows the same schedule each year. In stores, Target clearance starts at 50% off the day after the holiday (April 10, 2023), then climbs to 70% off a few days later. The discounts end at 90% about one week after the holiday.

If you see an Easter clearance item you like, I suggest buying it while you can. Once Target holiday items hit 90% off, the selection is slim pickings and nothing sticks around for long.

The majority of the Easter clearance deals are in stores, but you may find a few sprinkled online, too. Just know that holiday clearance discounts online don’t get nearly as deep as they do in stores.

The Target Easter clearance markdown schedule for 50% to 90% off.

TIP: Keep in mind that clearance Easter food and candy start at 30% off the day after Easter and tap out at 70% off a week later — so don’t expect to save 90% on chocolate Easter bunnies at Target.


2. You only have about one week to shop Target’s Easter clearance before it’s gone.

easter items on the conveyer belt in target checkout

We checked multiple Target stores in 2023 and the Easter clearance was nearly gone before it hit 90% off. So, all in all, you must shop for these deals fast.

Each Target store gives all remaining Easter inventory a final 90% markdown one week after the holiday. Those items are usually only 90% off for a day (or two at max), so time is limited. Plus, the longer you wait, the more items get picked over.

After about 10 days, Target will donate Easter clearance items or send them to Target salvage stores. Those are the only places you’ll find regular and holiday Target clearance for up to 90% off.

Keep in mind that clearance timing may vary from store to store. Like, Florida Target locations may see 70% off before Georgia locations do. Also, one store in Florida may see clearance markdowns sooner than another.

TIP: You can always ask an associate at your local Target if they know when each round of markdowns will happen.


3. Buy Easter chocolate and candy for next year when they reach 70% off at Target.

a target cart with the top basket filled with different types of chocolate easter bunnies

Easter candy never goes up to 90% off at Target as the other Easter items do, but you can buy candy when it hits 70% off (about a week after the holiday) and save it for Easter next year.

We’ve seen Hershey’s Chocolate Bunnies marked down to $0.39 one week after Easter, plus Russell Stover Bunnies for just $0.66 apiece.

TIP: Chocolate can last for a year, and non-chocolate candy can last longer. You can even freeze your chocolate Easter bunnies to get more mileage out of them. Or chop them up and use them as shaved toppings for baked goods or fudge sundaes.


4. Buy clearance Cadbury Creme Eggs and make an omelet with them.

Someone holding some Cadbury Creme eggs

Not even kidding. There may (or may not) be some Cadbury Egg recipes that make you wish you held onto these choco treats after Easter.

MyRecipes even has an egg omelet recipe that uses the Cadbury Creme Eggs. It calls for beating three real eggs with the creme inside the candy’s chocolatey shell. Then, you top the omelet off with chocolate. If you’ve ever had chocolate and eggs, I’d love to know in the comments. But I don’t dare to try.

The best Target clearance deal I’ve seen on Cadbury Creme Eggs was a 4-pack for just $1.10 (regularly $3.79) one week after Easter.



5. Stock up on Target Easter clearance toys and use them as party favors or gifts later on.

a large pink stuffed bunny being held in front of target cart filled with easter items

You won’t want to wait for the 90% markdown on Easter clearance toys — your best bet is to buy them at 50% or 70% off. Why? Because they sell like hotcakes.

We’ve seen gel pens, lip balms, nail polishes, notepads, pencils, sidewalk chalk, and more fun stuff in Target’s Easter clearance section, and everything is at least 50% off.

Keep your eyes peeled for toys that aren’t so “Eastery,” since those are the best to use as gifts year-round. Even a bunny-shaped zip pouch or stuffed animal doesn’t necessarily scream “Easter” for someone who likes bunnies. And when you can get them for as low as $0.50, who cares anyway?


6. Buy Target Easter egg-dyeing kits and grass for 90% off and save them for next year.

Paas Easter egg dying kits on clearance for 90% off at Target

Wait for Target Easter basket items and dye kits to reach 90% off about a week after Easter — the shelves are always full of these items, no matter how many other Easter clearance goodies are still available.

You’ll score bags of Easter grass for $0.05 (regularly $0.50) and egg-dyeing kits for $0.30 (regularly $3).


7. Always scan Easter clearance items at Target to check the current price.

egg dye kits on clearance scanned with target scanner

Since post-holiday markdowns happen fast, don’t always trust the signs. It’s possible your items cost less than you think. You can check the current prices on the Target app or at a price scanner in the store.

I always scan anything that’s “spring” or “Easter,” hoping to find a secret clearance price. Plus you may stumble upon a hidden Target Circle deal for your item when you scan it. Most Circle deals exclude clearance, but occasionally Target will drop clearance-specific offers.

TIP: Don’t forget to use your Target RedCard to get an extra 5% off everything.


8. Check the Target Dollar Spot for random discounts on Easter and spring items.

easter bunny decor being held in front of clearance sale sign in target

Once you’ve covered the Easter clearance section at Target, stop by the Target Dollar Spot at the front of the store for more spring and Easter savings.

Since these items are typically more themed for spring than Easter, you can use them after the holiday and beyond.


9. Buy Easter baby clothes at Target when they’re up to 90% off.

baby clothes being held in front of target scanner showing sales price

Last year I found this $5 2-pack of Carter’s baby onesies with little bunnies and chicks on them. And honestly, they seem perfect for any non-Easter occasion.

Target marks down Easter baby clothing along with the other Easter clearance items, so it’s a great way to stock up on onesies and baby stuff that you can use year-round.

I’ve seen some Target baby onesies for as low as $2.99 (regularly $9.99) the week after Easter, plus girls’ bucket hats for $0.30 (regularly $3).



10. Grab clearance baking supplies that you can use all year.


Target regularly marks down Easter bakeware and utensils in their Easter clearance, and most of these items are good to use whenever.

We’ve seen cupcake pans and Dash mini waffle makers go on sale for $4.99 (regularly $9.99), plus a Dash Everyday Egg Cooker for just $8.49 (regularly $16.99). Sometimes these items will be seasonal (like Easter bunny cookie cutters), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make bunny-shaped cookies any other time of year.

Look for baking and cooking supplies in Target’s Easter clearance right away, when it hits 50% off the day after the holiday. These items don’t stick around for long!


11. Save at least 70% on clearance Easter baskets and repurpose them.

Leftover Easter baskets are the perfect organization solution for kids’ rooms and play spaces — especially when you can buy them for 70% to 90% off. We’ve seen Target Easter baskets that were regularly $5 sell for just $0.50 in their Easter clearance.

Plus most Easter baskets at Target aren’t totally seasonal. Usually the only thing that makes them Easter baskets (and not just “baskets”) is a piece of fabric you can easily remove. And even still, pastel plaid isn’t such a bad thing after Easter.

Don’t need the extra organization? Buy clearance Easter baskets and repurpose them for gifts later on in the year. The possibilities are endless!


12. Wait to buy Target Easter decor and tableware when they hit 90% off.

You’re usually safe waiting a few days for these items, mostly because people aren’t thinking about Easter decor right after the holiday. You’ll find plenty of figurines, plates, wooden signs, throw pillows, and more on the shelves when Easter clearance hits 70% and even 90% off.

We’ve seen Easter dinner plates for $0.30, decorative Easter signs for $0.50, and Easter throw pillows for just $3 when Target Easter clearance is in full swing.


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