The day after Easter and the week following is a goldmine for savings at Target.

I’m talking about items you can repurpose and use the rest of the year and items you can save until next Easter.

Once you know these tricks, you’ll never see Easter clearance the same way again.

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1. Learn Target’s holiday clearance schedule — it never changes.

Target’s holiday clearance schedule starts at 50% off holiday items the day after the holiday. (Food items like candy receive a first markdown of 30% off instead.)

Four or five days later look for 70% off, and then a week after the holiday, you’ll find 90% off non-food items.

Candy and other food items only reach a 70% discount.


2. Shop the day after Easter for the overall best selection.

Even though it’s only a 50% discount, you’ll find that the best items are probably still on the shelves.

Use this strategy when there’s something specific you definitely would like to buy.


3. Buy chocolate Easter bunnies for next year when they reach 70% off.

Chocolate can last for a year — throw it in the freezer to get the most mileage out of it.

Or buy solid chocolate Easter bunnies to use in baking recipes that call for shaved chocolate pieces.


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4. Buy non-Easter candy like M&M’s and mini Reese’s cups when they’re 30-50% off.

You can usually find popular candy that you could use later in the year — like M&M’s and Reese’s.

Sure, they might have pastel wrappers or they may be pastel-colored, but they’re still useful in cookies or to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.


5. Wait a week to get up to 90% off Easter decor for next year.

You’re safe to wait for the deepest discount on Easter tableware like plates and napkins.

These are typically the last items to go, because people are thinking about putting away their Easter decor, not adding to it.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see Easter ceramic plates for $0.59 each (reg. $5.99 each) and large Easter ceramic serving platters for $5.99 (reg. $19.99). In past years, glass pitchers were $2.99 (reg. $9.99).



6. Check Brickseek to see if other Targets in your area have more inventory.

Brickseek is an online inventory checker, and it’s your clearance-shopping BFF.

Type in your zip code and the nine-digit DPCI number on your item to find out if there’s inventory at another Target in your city.

Or you can call your local store and give them the DPCI number to check on a specific item. You may opt to do that because Easter clearance moves really fast and it’s possible Brickseek can’t keep up, but it’s still worth a shot!


7. Look for sales on general spring items like sidewalk chalk and toy dustpan sets.

While you’re shopping Easter clearance, keep your eyes peeled for items that are perhaps not fully Easter themed, like sidewalk chalk, toy cleaning supplies and more.

We’ve seen a box of sidewalk chalk for $0.50 (reg. $1.00) and toy dustpan and brush sets for $2.50 (reg. $5.00).


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8. Save at least 70% on items you can repurpose — like baskets.

In years past, Target has offered wicker and wood baskets for 70% off, and the only thing that says “Easter” about them is a bit of fabric that can easily be removed.

The possibilities are limitless — use them for storage when you do your spring cleaning or to organize toys in children’s rooms.

If you’re crafty, you could make gifts for people using baskets and your couponing stockpile, perhaps even get a head start on Christmas gifts for teachers!


9. Buy next year’s Easter dye kits and grass when they’re 90% off.

Wait for Easter basket items and dye kits to reach 90% off — the shelves are always full of them.

You’ll score bags of Easter grass for $0.05 (regularly $0.50) and dye kits for $0.30 (regularly $3.00).


10. Check Bullseye’s Playground for random discounts on spring-themed items.

Once you’ve shopped the Easter section at Target, check out Bullseye’s Playground at the front of the store for more discounts on spring items and possibly Easter items as well.

One year we found candles for $0.30 (regularly $3.00).


11. Always scan barcodes to see the current price.

Since markdowns are happening fast, don’t trust the signs. It’s possible your items cost less than you think!

You can check current prices at the price checker station in the store or with the Target app.



12. Stock up on Cadbury Creme Eggs and make an omelet with them.

Not kidding — there are some recipes for Cadbury Eggs out there that’ll have you wishing you had a stockpile once they leave the shelves for the year.

Stock up on Cadbury Creme Eggs when you see them for $0.10 each. This will most likely happen a week after Easter at Target.


13. Hunt for toys that don’t scream “Easter,” and use them as stocking stuffers.

Don’t wait for the 90% markdown to do this, because items will sell out quickly.

We’ve seen flashcards, pencils and gel pens, lip balm, notepads and more for half price the day after Easter.

Even a bunny-themed zip pouch for makeup or pencils doesn’t necessarily shout “Easter” if your child likes bunnies. Those were marked down to $0.49 each (reg. $4.99).


14. Buy children’s Easter clothes for your gift closet when they’re up to 90% off.

You can get Easter-themed items and save them for a baby who can wear them during Easter or look for more generic items like onesies that have bunnies but no mention of Easter, for example.

We’ve seen baby onesie outfits for $2.99 (reg. $9.99) and big girls’ spring hats for $0.30 (reg. $3.00).


15. Buy clearance baking supplies that you can use all year.

Last year Target discounted paw print cake molds by 70%.

The intention, of course, is to use the paw prints as bunny paws for an Easter-themed cake. But they could easily be used for cat or dog paw prints on a birthday cake any time of year.


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15 Things You Need to Know About Shopping Target After Easter