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World Market Scavenger Hunt Will Return in November 2024

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When the World Market Scavenger Hunt happens, high-tail it over there. Since 2017 (skipping 2020), Cost Plus World Market hosts a twice-a-year scavenger hunt store event where eagle-eyed shoppers can win prizes up to $100 if they find a particular item hidden in the shelves. The most recent "hunt" happened March 11 - 31. We predict it to return in Nov. 2024 ahead of the winter holidays.

World Market shoppers are eligible to win $20, $50, or $100 off their purchase if they find small signs featuring the Golden Egg in stores. There are two chances to win each day — once from store opening until 3 p.m., then again from 4 p.m. - store closing.

In 2024, I found a Golden Egg on the second day of the spring hunt. Read more below to find out how I did it!

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The World Market Scavenger Hunt is a twice-a-year, three-week-long hidden coupon event.


For three weeks in the spring and during the holiday season, shoppers are scouring the aisle of Cost Plus World Market to find specially marked cardboard signs during the Scavenger Hunt. Each hunt has its own theme; during the November 2023 event, shoppers searched for “Golden Unicorns”. 

Every day during the hunt, shoppers could find one of eight hidden signs, for a chance to win $20, $50, or $100 off their purchase — at all 241 World Market stores. 

KCL predicts the next World Market Scavenger Hunt will start Nov. 1, 2024.


Based on previous dates for this event, KCL predicts the fall-version of the World Market Scavenger Hunt will start on Nov. 1, 2024.

The store has typically held the Scavenger Hunt every November, but as of 2023, added the springtime edition. In 2024, it ran March 11 - 31.

During the second day of the spring scavenger hunt, I found a Golden Egg — here's what I learned.


Let me preface this whole thing by saying I never win anything. However, my super power is being able to find stuff. I'm literally the only person who can find missing objects in my house. So when I arrived at World Market minutes before the store opened last March, I thought I had this in the bag. But so did about 20 other people who were waiting for the doors to open...

Seeing the small crowd, I was nervous. The daily scavenger hunt clue, which is posted in-store and on their website, was "find it settled next to something made of metal." Great, just great. Not vague at all.

Two things to know about the hunt: there are sprinters and there are those who saunter.

Okay so I didn't saunter, exactly, but I definitely wasn't one of the sprinters. I was trying to be methodical in my approach — think outside the box. I instinctively moved back towards kitchenware.

Just as I was turning into the barware aisle, a sprinter raced past me with a smirk that seemed to say, "Too bad slow poke, nothing to see here." As he left me in the dust, I looked straight towards a shelf with small metal beverage tubs. And that's where I saw it, people. Golden Egg #4 was tucked behind those metal tubs. If the sprinter hadn't been so speedy, he might have seen it.

I grabbed that Golden Egg and headed straight to the register.


There was another Golden Egg winner ahead of me in line. We congratulated each other. She won a $20 World Market Rewards certificate, while I scored a $50 World Market certificate.

And then there was the shopping. You have to use the certificate the same day you win it, otherwise it expires. I gleefully filled a basket with Easter candy and toys for my kids, then paid with my certificate.

A few pointers if you're joining the hunt:

  • Look behind stuff; the Golden Egg may not be planted so obviously at the front of a shelf.

  • Check the clue before the store opens (if you're going first thing in the morning). It gives you some time to really think about the clue and places in the store where an egg is most likely to be hidden.

  • Consider what you want to buy with either $20, $50, or $100 before you get there. This way you're not on your phone's calculator while you shop or doing math in your head while you shop. Obviously the closer you stick to the value of your certificate, the better.

Note: If you win a World Market Rewards certificate, you cannot combine it with a World Market coupon. You have to use one or the other.

Last fall the World Market Scavenger Hunt ran from Nov. 1 – 22, with the “Golden Unicorn” as its featured theme.

world market golden unicorn scavenger hunt signage

Each year, the World Market Scavenger Hunt has a golden theme. In 2023 the theme for fall was Golden Unicorn and Golden Gnome for spring. But don’t get excited thinking you’re going to find a legit tiny golden egg figurines hidden in World Market. What you were actually looking for was a cardboard sign with a gold egg on it (think of those tabletop signs you see at restaurants) hidden throughout the store. All 241 World Market stores participate in the event.

Prior years’ World Market Scavenger Hunt themes:

  • 2024: Golden Egg

  • 2023: Golden Unicorn

  • 2022: Golden Gnome

  • 2021: Golden Sleigh

  • 2020: Skipped due to COVID-19

  • 2019: Golden Christmas Cracker

  • 2018: Golden Bell

  • 2017: Golden Llama

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The scavenger hunt has eight winners per day per store.


Every day during the promotion period (March 11 - 31, 2024), each Cost Plus World Market store hides a total of eight Golden Eggs during two separate game periods. They hide four eggs during the first game period (open to 3 p.m.) and four eggs during the second game period (4 p.m. to close).

TIP: If any of the four Golden Eggs are not located by 3 p.m. during the first game period, they’ll remain hidden for players to find during the 4 p.m. to close window.

You can win up to $100 off a $100 purchase.

The prizes for finding a Golden Egg vary depending on your luck, but all are in the form of World Market Rewards that get cashed to your rewards account (yes, you have to be a World Market Rewards member, but it’s simple and free to join). It’s important to note that the Rewards you win are only valid for use that same day.

Each day there are at most six $20 off $20 rewards available, two $50 off $50 rewards, and two $100 off $100 rewards. But according to the fine print, there won’t be a $50 or $100 reward available every day of the event. There are two $100 rewards available per location for three days of the promotion period, and two $50 rewards available per location for 20 days of the promotion period. Bummer.

When you find a Golden Egg, run to a World Market associate to let them know.

Once you found the Golden Egg, you’ll want to grab it and find an associate right away. You don’t want someone else to snag it from you. When you show the egg to an associate, they’ll scan a coupon and you’ll enter your phone number at the register to link your World Market Rewards account to the coupon.

Just know that if you win once, you can’t win again through the entire promotion period — they track it with your World Market Rewards account.

To make this process easier, sign up to become a World Market Rewards member before you start hunting for the unicorn.

Use their daily hints to get clues about where to look.

hand holding a phone next to world market golden unicorn scavenger hunt signage

You can find daily hints to where the Golden Eggs are hiding when you check the World Market store events page, join World Market Rewards, or follow the World Market Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you’re already a World Market Rewards member, you’ll get the daily clue in your email. If you’re looking on their social media pages, the clue will only get shared in their Stories. (To view their story, visit the social media page and click the circle with their logo. It should have a colored border around the logo if a new story you haven’t seen is available.)

In addition to all of those methods, you can find the hint right in the store. It’ll be on a big sign right when you walk in, so you can’t miss it. That sign will also tell you how many Golden Unicorns are still left for you to find.

World Market Golden Egg Rules

The not-so-fun stuff … the rules. Here are a few rules that we thought were important to point out:

  • You can only win once throughout the entire game period. So if you won on March 11, you can’t win again later in the month.

  • Prizes are issued in the form of World Market Rewards that need to be redeemed the same day you win.

  • If there’s a tie or multiple people arrive at a hidden Golden Egg location at the same time, the store associate may perform a coin toss or random drawing to break the tie.

  • Employees and their families aren’t eligible to win.

  • You can’t use the Rewards prize on Instant Pot/Instant Brands, Wüsthof, alcoholic beverages, gift cards, One-of-a-Kind Rugs, or Sackcloth and Ashes Blankets.

  • Rewards can’t be combined with other coupons and offers.

  • If you return an item purchased with the Rewards prize, you’ll forfeit the discount.

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