Midas wants to celebrate you this Fourth of July. They’re offering a Road Trip Ready Package to help you prepare for any future travel plans.

For just $24.99 get a conventional oil change and tire rotation through July 4.

What’s the Road Trip Ready Package?

It’s a $24.99 promotional package deal through July 4 where you’ll get a conventional oil change of up to five quarts of oil and a tire rotation

Note that shop fees and disposal fees are not included in this promo; they’re a separate charge. Also, prices and fees in Hawaii and Alaska are $49.99.

Is Medias legit?

Yes, of course. Midas has been in business since 1956 and has stores throughout the United States.

About Midas: Midas is an auto repair outlet that helps customers with brake repair, scheduled car maintenance, exhaust repair, new tires, oil changes, steering repair, suspension systems repair, wheel alignment, and much more.

Bottom-line cost: Pay $24.99 for the package, plus any disposal and shop fees. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, the prices and fees are $49.99.

When will I be charged? Pay on site at your nearest Midas location when services are rendered.


Here’s what signing up looks like:

Click this link and you’ll be directed to the promotional page offer. From here, search your zip code to find your nearest Midas touch location.

From here you’ll be able to print your personal coupon or have it emailed to you. You can also request an appointment to use this specific offer. Note that coupons are unique for each person and location.

You’re now set to claim your $24.99 oil change and tire rotation deal.

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