If you love chocolate, head over to SkinnyMe to try their zero sugar, low calorie chocolate bags. The bags are available in four different flavors and each contain 30 pieces of chocolate.

What’s SkinnyMe Chocolate?

With your first box from SkinnyMe, you can pick from Creamy Milk, Almond, or Sea Salt as your initial flavor. One package has 30 squares of chocolate with zero sugar and only 50 calories each.

SkinnyMe is a subscription service, so only your initial box is free plus shipping. All following boxes will be at a rate of $34.99 plus shipping; however you can cancel your trial.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Head over to SkinnyMe Chocolate.
  2. Click “Choose your flavor,” then pick between the three options.
  3. Enter shipping information followed by payment information.
  4. Submit order

Is the deal legit?

Bottom line cost: Free for your first bag; all you pay is $4.95 shipping.

When will I be charged? The $4.95 charge will hit your credit card on the day of your purchase.

When will it ship? Your introductory bag will ship within a couple of business days, and you’ll be emailed tracking information once shipping occurs. I received my order in just 5 business days.

Will I need to cancel? SkinnyMe Chocolate is a subscription service. If you don’t want to receive future shipments, cancel your membership after you receive your order. If you don’t cancel, SkinnyMe Chocolate will automatically ship you chocolate for $34.99 plus shipping every 30 days.

To cancel, call 1-855-354-6917 after your order arrives.