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What is is a workout company that revolutionized at-home workouts. This mirror is only two feet wide but gives you access to thousands of live classes, workout videos, and social interactions to make it feel like you’re at a real gym.

When signing up for, you are also signing up for their monthly membership, which is $39 per month. Much like Peloton, with your purchase, you join a 12-month commitment that can’t be canceled.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Head over to
  2. Click “Buy the mirror” followed by “Shop the mirror.”
  3. Select which mirror bundle you want.
  4. Click “Add to cart” and then “Checkout.”
  5. Remove the automatically applied promo code from your cart and enter SAVE400.
  6. Enter shipping and payment information to complete your order.

Is this deal legit?

Bottom line cost: The mirror with the coupon code costs $1,345 – $1695 plus applicable taxes. Shipping and home setup are free when using promo code SAVE400.

When will I be charged? You’ll be charged immediately for your mirror, and you’ll be charged your monthly $39 membership on the day of delivery.

When will it ship? You’ll be contacted within four business days to schedule a home delivery and setup. This process takes 35 – 45 minutes, and you’ll be given a four-hour delivery window.

Will I need to cancel? is a monthly subscription service after the initial purchase of your mirror. With a purchase of a mirror, you’re signed into a 12-month commitment to their $39 per month membership. You’re allowed to cancel this after the initial 12 months, but then your mirror will only act as a mirror and you’ll lose all services provided.

To cancel, head over to your account page on the site and click the button that says “Cancel membership.” Then follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.