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I grew up in a household where we saved everything just in case we needed it in the future. Wallpaper was expensive and when my mom would redo the wallpaper, we made sure to find alternative uses for our scrap pieces.

Fast forward to today, and you can find wallpaper at yard sales and thrift stores for a fraction of the retail price, making this an inexpensive DIY project. If you’ve got extra wallpaper lying around the house, I’ve got 10 colorful projects just for you!

1. Repurpose metal cans for decorative office decor

Your recycle bin is probably full of cans as a result of eating out of your stockpile! One meal can generate several cans, and I found the perfect way to get a second use out of my cans. Use a hot glue gun to apply wallpaper to the can (after you cut it to size). You might also want to add ribbon as trim around the top to smooth out the edges. Use different sized cans to create variation.

Via Goodhousekeeping.com

2. Use as drawer liner

I’ve bought fancy shelf liners, but they’re thin, and they don’t last more than two or three years. Wallpaper is just as decorative and provides a sturdier liner which lasts longer. I just lay the wallpaper in the drawer and secure under each corner with a removable Glue Dot.

Via Pinterest.com

3. Wallpaper light switch covers

I hung an airplane border in my son’s room. There were enough scrap pieces to easily overlay a light switch cover to match the decor of the room. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the wallpaper to the light switch cover, and cut the edges with a knife. This will add instant pop to any room. If you need a more contemporary design, use textured wallpaper.

Via Pinterest.com

4. Gifts tags

Extra wallpaper can even add a pop of color or texture to the next gift you wrap. All you need is a ruler, hole punch, and decorative ribbon!

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5. Wallpaper your garbage can

Whether you live in a subdivision, or at the end of a dirt road, you should have a trash can that outshines the rest! Take that leftover roll of wallpaper and make your garbage can the envy of the neighborhood!

Via Pinterest.com

6. DIY tile pieces to match your kitchen or bathroom

My budget kind of limits the amount of money I can spend for remodeling projects, so it’s up to me to get creative when I want to change the decor of my home. Nothing changes the décor like a splash of color! Tile pieces are inexpensive at your local hardware store, and this project is easily made. Find out more on Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.com

7. Frame wallpaper for impressive wall decor

I love my family pictures, but sometimes I want my house to display a more modern look. Framing wallpaper to match my decor is one of the easiest ways to do that. Framing wallpaper is cheap, makes a bold statement with color, and I can match anything pretty easily!

Via Pinterest.com

8. Create your own placemats

Cut identical size pieces of wallpaper, place them back to back, and cover them with clear contact paper, or take them to your local office supply store to have them laminated. I love stripes and polka-dot designs; consider alternating designs on each side to allow for even more decorative options.

Via Pinterest.com

9. Make your own bookmarks

This is the perfect gift for book club members! This project can be made with a small piece of wallpaper scrap. Mark the size you want with a ruler, cut, and use a hole punch to make a ribbon pull-through. Inexpensive, elegant, and memorable!

Via Pinterest.com

10. Design disposable temporary coasters

I love my craft scissors for designing easy projects. Use pinking shears or any other decorative scissors and make your own decorative beverage coasters out of leftover wallpaper. Take a sharpie and have your guests personalize their coasters upon arrival to your party!

Via Pinterest.com
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