While I’m not a particularly skilled interior decorator, I do love a juicy home goods sale, and most of the furnishings, appliances, and fixtures in my home owe their presence to sales I've attended. As well, with a niece and a nephew in school, I’m always keen to find coupons, discounts and deals for school and art supplies that can help their family out. Here are 10 different retail loyalty clubs to help you save on home goods, dorm essentials, and school and art supplies!

3 Savvy strategies to keep your inbox manageable

Of course, the more loyalty clubs you sign up for, the more email (and texts) you will get. Here are a couple of strategies to help you manage your inbox for maximum effectiveness.

  • Set up a separate email: If you designate one specific email just for loyalty club email, then you can easily screen all offers and select the ones you want without cluttering up your main email inbox.
  • Set up email inbox routing: If you are already using your regular (main) email address to register with loyalty clubs, you can still set up routing within your email inbox to direct certain types of messages to certain folders (each email client handles this slightly differently so check with your provider).
  • Select either text or email: If you select only text alerts, you keep your email inbox from piling up, and vice versa. It can be a smart strategy to select one or the other to avoid getting notified about the same offers in two separate places.

There are plenty of ways to connect to your favorite retailers so you never miss a special coupon, sale, discount, deal or shipping offer. You can find the website, Facebook page, app(s) where applicable, links to the email and/or text club and sign-up perks for each retailer below!

1. Michaels

2. Target

3. Best Buy

4. Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Website: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedBathAndBeyond
  • Apps: n/a
  • Email/Text club: Click on "Sign Up for Offers" from the homepage or text "OFFER1" to 239663 (first-time subscribers only)
  • Sign-Up perks: First-time subscribers get a 20% off coupon. All subscribers get advance notice of special sales and coupons delivered via email, mobile or mail.


6. Hobby Lobby

7. Walgreens

8. CVS

9. Office Depot

10. Office Max


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