Time to take your cooking spray out the kitchen because it can do some pretty amazing things that will make your life easier.


1. Get every last drop of sticky ingredients out of measuring cups and spoons.

Coat measuring cups and spoons before measuring sticky ingredients like honey or syrup.


2. Get rid of soap scum on shower doors and sinks.

Spray the inside of glass shower doors with nonstick spray and watch the scum and hard water residue disappear. Wait 5 – 10 min and go over the door with a clean, absorbent cloth to remove the residue.


3. Wipe dead bugs off the front of a car.

Apply cooking spray to a car grille and bumper, then use a clean cloth to rub the dead bugs away.



4. Stop a door from squeaking.

Spray the hinges on a squeaky door and savor the silence.


5. Stop food from clinging to knives when chopping.

Lightly spray a knife with a thin coating of cooking spray. Sticky ingredients like onions and garlic will slide right off.


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6. Keep candle holders free from wax.

Spray holders with cooking spray before placing candles in.


7. Keep plastic storage containers stain-free.

Spray cooking spray on Tupperware before storing tomato sauces and other foods that stain plastic easily.


8. Defrost and prevent ice buildup in a freezer.

Spray directly on a layer of ice in your freezer or along the walls and shelves to prevent ice from forming.


9. Stop cheese from sticking to a grater.


10. Remove a stuck ring.


11. Stop snow from sticking to a shovel.


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11 Incredible Things You Didn't Know Cooking Spray Could Do