Thanks to the wonderful tradition of dying eggs for Easter, you can find these versatile cackleberries for super cheap around March and April. When you see a great price, stock up! You’ll want more eggs in your life after reading the dozen brilliant tips below!


1. Make mosaics with dyed Easter eggshells.


2. Stop bleeding with an egg membrane.

Can’t find a Band-Aid? Peel the inner membrane from an eggshell and use it to stop the bleeding until proper bandages are accessible. Studies show that your wound will heal and feel better faster.


3. Add crushed eggshells to ground coffee for a smoother-tasting drink.

The calcium compounds in eggshells help neutralize the acidity in coffee, resulting in a smoother-tasting beverage.


4. Moisturize dry hair with egg yolks.

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with every egg yolk needed to saturate dry hair, and leave on for at least one hour. Since olive oil and egg yolk are rich in fat and protein, they work together to moisturize dry, brittle hair—plus, the protein in egg yolk will help prevent future breakage.


5. Use empty egg shells as seed starters.

Once you're ready to transplant your seedlings outside, keep them in their shells and they'll provide nutrients for your growing plant (aka built-in fertilizer)!

Get detailed instructions here.


6. Add more protein to a pup’s diet with scrambled eggs.

Not only will your dog love the taste, his or her coat will be healthier looking too—thanks to the fat and proteins found in eggs.


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7. Get healthier looking skin with an egg white face mask.

You can add cornstarch to thicken your egg white mask and essential oils to make it smell fancy, but all you really need is a beaten egg white. Leave the whisked white on your skin for 15 – 30 minutes, and your face should feel tighter and brighter thanks to the Vitamin A and collagen found in eggs.


8. Create art by throwing eggshells filled with paint at a canvas.

Drain a dozen eggs by using a push pin to make several small holes on top of each egg. Once you've made enough push-pin holes, you should be able to easily break away a portion of an egg. Create a large enough hole to pour paint through, then watch your kids have fun creating modern masterpieces!



9. Deter garden pests with crushed eggshells.

Snails, slugs, and even cats that intrude on your garden will stay away when you scatter crushed shells around the base of plants.


10. Use beaten egg whites to restore the luster on leather furniture and shoes.

Use a soft cloth to apply egg whites onto leather. Wipe off after 10 minutes.


11. Keep houseplants shiny with egg whites.

Use a cotton ball to wipe dust-free plant leaves with an equal solution of egg whites and lukewarm water.


12. Stock up on cheap eggs and freeze them for future use.

Freezing is one of the simplest ways to preserve eggs so they don't go to waste. For best results, always freeze eggs when they are fresh.

Get instructions here.


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12 Unexpectedly Brilliant Ways to Use Eggs