If you enjoyed 10 Ways to Find Coupons, Discounts, and Savings on Home Goods and Supplies, you will love this second installment featuring 15 more brand new ways to save on the clothing, accessories and shoes you love!

There are plenty of ways to connect to your favorite retailers so you never miss a special coupon, sale, discount, deal or shipping offer. You can find the website, Facebook page, app(s) where applicable, links to the email and/or text club, and sign-up perks for each retailer below!

1. Staples

2. Jo-Ann Fabrics

3. Kirkland's

4. Dollar General

5. Dollar Tree

6. Rite Aid

7. Stage

8. Home Goods

9. TJ Maxx / Marshalls

10. Costco

11. Walmart

12. Container Store

13. Pottery Barn

14. Pier 1

15. Crate and Barrel

15 More Ways to Find Coupons, Discounts and Savings on Home Goods and Supplies