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The dollar store — Dollar Tree in particular — is a mecca for cheap DIY household organization! Arm yourself with a list and a plan — because getting distracted in the dollar store is a real thing — and you’re on your way to transform those junky areas with Dollar Tree organization hacks.

Keep reading to discover some ingenious Dollar Tree organization hacks and be prepared to head to your closest store for bedroom, bathroom, jewelry, garage, and kitchen solutions that work. And don’t forget to download the KCL app to find out about all the best Dollar Tree deals while you’re at it.


1. Keep your pantry organized with Dollar Tree storage bins.

storage baskets labeled in pantry

If the recent spike in pantry makeover shows on Netflix has you feeling down, let a good dollar store trip soothe your stress. A Dollar Tree pantry organization party with some friends has the power to boost your mood and help you clearly identify your favorite bag of chips.

Here’s where you can really get creative in your pantry from items at Dollar Tree. Choose glass jars, round plastic bins, or square fabric boxes to fit your organization needs. You can pick containers of the same color or mix it up to suit your taste. Don’t forget the labels; if you’re lucky, some stores carry chalkboard labels.


2. Make a DIY toy organizer with a clothes hamper.

someone putting toys into laundry basket

Close your eyes and imagine your child’s room with toys off the floor and in a central place. Use this Dollar Tree organization idea to make toy storage easier to manage. Transform a dollar store pop-up hamper from a home for dirty clothes to a source of salvation for bulky toys, stuffed animals, linens, balls, and books.


3. Get creative with your cord organization with this Dollar Tree hack.

someone putting cords in glasses cases

With charging cords for tablets, cell phones, and computers, maybe you’re like me and just throw them into a drawer and hope you can find the right one when you need it. Enter Dollar Tree organization 2.0, where you can finally put an end to cord disorganization.

To get started, just grab a blank label, a permanent marker, and an eyeglass carrying case. Mark it up and now you can throw it in a bin. You can typically find eyeglass cases in the mixed housewares aisle with phone cases, random cords, and flashlights.

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4. Use an ice cube tray as a DIY Dollar Tree jewelry organizer.

someone sorting jewelry into an ice tray

Not all of us have the luxury of having a jewelry display case or cabinet. Here’s where you can put your creativity to the test when you want to organize your gems. As a Dollar Tree jewelry organizer DIY hack, ice cube trays can hold 12 of your best stud earrings, small bracelets, or rings. Now you can truly keep your “ice” on ice.


5. Try paper towel holders for jewelry.

someone putting bracelets on paper towel holder

Another resourceful Dollar Tree jewelry organizer DIY is to use a paper towel holder to stack your bracelets. At just a buck — or $1.25 nowadays — you can create a colorful bracelet tower. Since these basic dollar store items come in a neutral color, why not spray paint it or wrap it with neon yarn to fit your aesthetic needs.

If you get tired of using the paper towel holder for jewelry, you can always switch to stacking your scrunchies — I know you still have some!



6. Make fridge organization simple with Dollar Tree bins.

someone putting another storage basket in the refridgerator

Dairy, meat, fruit, veggies — oh my! Having a disorganized refrigerator can be a bummer. There are lots of Dollar Tree kitchen organization ideas that can make you want to open your fridge proudly. You already know that dollar stores carry numerous sizes of plastic containers with or without lids, but some locations offer more creative solutions.

Whether it’s egg storage containers, decorative refrigerator mats, or outright plastic fridge bins, you can make a stylish plan for your beverages, packaged foods, and perishables.

Before you randomly buy containers, consider the size of your refrigerator (measure first, buy later). After taking a full inventory of your space and completing a thorough cleaning, try organizing your fridge into categories and labeling the bins for easier access.

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7. Cut the bottom of a Dollar Tree shoe organizer to hold wrapping paper rolls.

someone putting scissors in a shoe organizer used as a wrapping station

Raise your hand if you have rolls of random wrapping paper — birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day — lying around in a closet somewhere. Not to mention those smashed bows, gift bags, and tissue paper packs. Forget going to those fancy, expensive container stores; get inventive with less expensive storage ideas.

The process of converting a Dollar Tree shoe organizer into a wrapping paper organizer is really simple. Grab an over-the-door shoe organizer and start packing it with your seasonal wrapping paper and accessories. You may need to cut some of the pockets of the shoe organizer — not the bottom row — to fit the taller wrapping paper rolls.


8. Use a magazine stand as a gift bag holder.

someone putting gift bag in plastic magazine rack

Take the stress out of storing gift bags and try using a magazine stand. In the sea of Dollar Tree organization ideas, you can find these products in the office section. While they may be labeled as cardboard file folders, the function remains the same. This organization idea allows you to group gift bags by colors, seasons, or holidays.

Dollar Tree isn’t the only store with inexpensive, convenient organization solutions. Peep these cheap storage deals.


9. Turn Dollar Tree storage bins into movie-night snack trays.

little kid holding diy movie snack tray

Shower your guests with treats on your next movie night. A shower caddy is the perfect vessel for a box of candy, a drink, a napkin, and a bag of popcorn.

For added savings on movie night, stop by the dollar store snack aisle. This tip beats the cost of actually going to the movies, which could add up for a family. If you visit the Dollar Tree a lot, be sure to maximize your savings with weekly coupon deals.


10. Use travel soap cases for crayons.

someone drawing in a coloring book with crayons stored in soap case

Ahh, there’s nothing like a fresh box of crayons; that is, until the box rips and it no longer serves its purpose. Most Dollar Tree stores sell travel soap cases, so if you’re looking for a creative way to transport your kids’ markers, pencils, or crayons on a trip or just want to reorganize your art area, give these dollar store hacks a try.

And speaking of supplies, pop by the KCL back-to-school savings page to discover how much you can save next time you need more Crayola crayons.


11. Tidy up your office using Dollar Tree drawer organizers and wire baskets.

someone putting card on desk with organized baskets

That pile of papers on your desk has been staring at you way too long. Give your desk a makeover on a budget. Dollar stores have tons of options to organize your writing utensils and papers, and they often come in an array of colors and sizes.

A Dollar Tree drawer organizer may come as an entire desk caddy, but you can also find metal holders for your pens, markers, and pencils too. There are even small desk lamps, inspirational artwork, tiered/flat drawer organizers, decorative tape dispensers, and metal clipboards. And don’t forget the Post-its!


12. Store your snacks in Dollar Tree storage cubes.

someone organizing coffee creamers in basket

Your favorite food area to hang out in probably needs a storage transformation. With just a few items and a vision, snack area organization is a breeze. First, take inventory of your pantry snacks and categorize them. Determine how you want to store them, be it wire or fabric baskets, tiered racks, bins with lids, candy jar containers, or round snack bins.

With the extra bulk food items, try storing them behind the current items or in a backup area for easy refilling. You could even spruce up your coffee/tea area and stow your coffee pods in bins on the side or underneath your machine. And if you’d like to save some cash on your next coffee haul, KCL has you covered with coffee coupons.



13. Use Dollar Tree bins for your garage supplies.

seasonal decorations in garage storage box

It may be the last place that you want to look at, but there are lots of great Dollar Tree organization ideas for your garage. One solution that is readily available — and affordable — is a clear shoe bin with a lid. Just fill it, label it, and store it.

Bins from discount stores often come in small and large sizes, so you can bundle your tools, garden supplies, and kids’ supplies in neat separate spaces. Other resourceful dollar store hacks include keeping your seasonal front-door hanging decorations or storing your extension cords in a clear, rectangular bin with a top.

14. Use a Dollar Tree wooden hanger as a DIY belt or hat rack.

hanging hats from clothes hanger

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to hang your belts, scarves, or hats? Well, you can make it yourself. Trust me, it’s a super easy DIY closet organization project. Head to Dollar Tree and buy a wooden hanger and a pack of cup hooks. First, you’ll want to determine how many hooks to use in order to space your items evenly. Then — with a little elbow grease — just manually screw them into the underside of the hanger.

If for some reason you can only find plastic hangers, a 6-hook over-the-door metal rack from Dollar Tree will also do the trick.

someone holding hooks next to clothes hanger


15. Use Dollar Tree storage containers to tidy your linen closet.

baskets in linen closet

Looking for a chic and inexpensive way to display your linens or fine bath towels? Nothing against the big-box stores, but decorative storage boxes can be costly! Here’s where this Dollar Tree linen closet organization idea comes alive.

Most dollar stores sell fabric bins, but you may come across a small wooden crate with handles that you can jazz up to fill with your rolled plush towels or your finest linens.


16. Use stackable Dollar Tree bins under the bathroom or kitchen sink.

baskets underneath sick

Let’s face it, looking under your kitchen or bathroom sink can be scary. If yours is full of sponges, dishwashing liquid, bug sprays, and Mr. Clean products, it’s time to put these Dollar Tree bathroom and kitchen organization tips to good use.

Depending on the space you’re working with, there are lots of stackable bins at Dollar Tree. There are wire baskets, caddies, clear boxes with lids, and even shoeboxes. Many of these dollar store storage containers come in multipacks, so you can maximize your organization and budget.



17. Make a portable spice rack with a Dollar Tree medicine case.

spices put into pill holder

Take your dollar store organization knowledge and trade in pills for pepper! Your new Dollar Tree spice rack is an ingenuous budget-saving hack that’s perfect for RV trips and camping. Not only are pill organizers convenient and portable, but they can hold a sizable amount of spice to make it through your trip.

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18. Use 5 items to create a Dollar Tree spice rack.

someone putting spice in basket and paper towel holder spice rack

If we’re talking about really ingenious Dollar Tree organization ideas, this one takes the cake — or cinnamon. For under $5, you can build your own space-saving spice rack. You’ll need two metal paper towel holders, two horizontal pencil holders, and one package of zip ties.

On a flat surface, place the paper towel holders about 12 inches apart. Position one pencil holder horizontally at the bottom and secure it with zip ties. Leave about 7 to 8 inches above the next pencil holder and repeat. Now you just have to figure out what to cook.


19. Create decorative Dollar Tree DIY jars for your nail polish.

glass bottle with nail polish in it

If you want to add a little glamour to your bathroom vanity and organize your nail polish collection, there’s a cheap way to get it done. Transform a plastic candy jar, square glass jar, or square glass candle holder into nail polish display cases.

Depending on what options your store has, you could spray paint the entire glass container or glue a decorative knob to the top.


20. Use utensil holders for a Dollar Tree bathroom organization solution.

someone putting toothpaste in basket in drawer

When it comes to bathroom organization, Dollar Tree plastic containers are cheap enough to stock up on and play around with. Plus, they’re easy to clean and don’t break the bank.

The storage contents are limitless — makeup, toiletries, hair accessories, and medication bottles. Once you sort your items, just store them under the bathroom vanity sink, in a linen closet or drawer, or wherever you want to feel more organized.

For added flair, you could also personalize the containers by lining them with decorative contact paper — also found at the dollar store.


Find dollar store organization solutions beyond Dollar Tree

A woman shopping for products in the walmart dollar spot

Stores with dollar or discount sections are popping up everywhere. Even with a bit of a price hike, Dollar Tree is still a valuable store to find great deals, but it isn’t the only organization option.

You can also score a lot of discount deals at Family Dollar. This chain offers products at a rounded dollar amount so it’s easy to budget when you’re looking for organization containers.

Dollar General also has inexpensive gems that can make life a little easier and more organized. The store even opened a spin-off dollar store called pOpshelf. According to the company, these stores are targeted to higher-income ($50,000 to $125,000/year), suburban folks who still want a good deal. You could find deals in the areas of toys, electronics, office, kitchen, and beauty, among others. Much like at the Dollar General parent stores, most products are $5 or less.

With the cost-savings arena getting hot, a lot of store chains like Target and Walmart are revving up their dollar selections too. The Bullseye Playground at Target is prominent as you enter the store and has seasonal, storage, home decor, toys, and other assorted finds. The prices ($1 to $5 per item) are comparable to other stores, but you’ll rarely find any clearance deals or additional markdowns here.

Walmart’s Dollar Spot has an eclectic selection of items generally ranging from $1 to $5. Depending on the store, you could find clothes, organization essentials, or beauty products discounted significantly. Want a tip on those Walmart price tags? The date on the tag will show the last time the price changed, and many of the clearance tags will have additional markdowns. More markdowns = more savings!




20 Ingenious Dollar Store Organization Ideas