Here are the directions for the Witches Brew drinks from our Budget Halloween Party.  To learn where to find the best deal on all supplies needed for this bargain party, read more about our $50 Party Challenge and recreate this party for yourself!



10 empty, washed Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles*
10 yd spool, 1/8" Purple Ribbon
10, Witches Brew Labels
*Substitute other single-serving beverage jars, clear drinking glasses or lime paper cups.

  1. Using scissors, take the label off of the bottle and discard. How do you get the sticky gunk off? I've tried many ways to do it, but here's a krazy trick I use that works every time. Place the bottle under hot water and with a steel sponge start going to town on the sticky stuff. You'll find it comes right up and as an added bonus it even takes off the sell by date on the bottle. You should be left with a pristine, clear glass when it's all dried! Aren't they cute?! They look like glass milk bottles and for a fraction of the cost. Just think of all the ways you could re-use them for future parties!
  2. There are tons of free printable tags out there in the blogging world. I was able to find a couple that went really well with our color scheme and theme. When you download the free printable, it will pull up three different Halloween tags. All I did was print out 10 pages on my color printer (this would still look fine if you only have a black and white printer as it's still within the color scheme) and cut out the Witches Brew frame of the label. I discarded the rest of the tag and saved the other two labels for future projects. It's a bit tedious, but I loved the end result!
  3. When done, take a purple ribbon piece about 5 to 6 inches in length and loop it. Attach the ends of the loop to the back of the tag with a piece of tape. Set aside.

Witches Brew

1 Packet Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid
2 C Sugar
10, Black Straws
Dry ice

  1. Mix up the Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid as directed on the package.
  2. Fill each "milk" bottle until about ¾ full. The batch of Kool-Aid should fill all 10 glasses perfectly with no leftovers. So, if you want leftovers, be sure to pick up a couple more packets at the store when you're out.


  1. When you're done filling the "milk" bottles, wipe them off before putting on the Witches Brew labels. The labels go on last so as to avoid the frustration of not getting them wet. Not that I would know anything about that!
  2. Finish off the bottles with one of your black straws you got from Target.  If you want that WOW! factor that you see in the photos, get yourself some dry ice from your local market. For those of you who have not worked with dry ice before, you must be super careful as it will burn you if it comes in contact with your skin! The easiest way to handle it when you get home is to keep the block in the bag, drop it on a hard surface (preferably your kitchen or garage floor), pick up the broken pieces from the bag with tongs, and place in your finished Witches Brew. Note: the dry ice dissipates pretty quickly so I suggest doing it right before your guests arrive. The kids will LOVE it!


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This party was planned exclusively for KCL by Simply Chic Living.  
Photographed by Profinish Design.

$50 Budget Halloween Party:  Witches Brew Drinks