A few months ago I walked into my living room and thought, "Blah." Then I went into my kitchen and thought, "Double blah." And the hurricane started once I entered the guest bathroom: I flung the decorations off the wall in a fury of annoyance. I decided to stop feeling "blah" about my home and started thinking of ways to quickly, cheaply, and stylishly make it a happier-looking place. If a mom with two toddlers can find the time and money to do it, then so can you! Here are eight of my suggestions.

1. Accent pillows

After being married five years and having two boys, our couch pillows became abused, malformed, and shabby. So I changed it up! I threw away those ugly pillows and bought bright, cheerful pillows that helped make the room more inviting and energetic. My price tag per pillow was around $15.

Tip: Never pay full price for accent pillows. Try going to Ross or HomeGoods for great discounted options. Also, consider buying outdoor pillows because they are typically trendier and much easier to clean.

2. Accent towels

And I don't mean the expensive kind you find at those fancy-schmancy department stores. Grab a couple cute hand towels the next time you're out to change up the look of your kitchen or bathroom. You'll be pleasantly surprised how something as small as a hand towel can brighten up a room. The price tag for two accent hand towels is $15.

Tip: Try going outside the box and getting something "crazier" than your typical preference. After all, it's just a towel, so don't take yourself so seriously.

3. Painted furniture

I'll never forget the first time my mother found out I painted a solid wood desk and threw a fit (talk about a generation gap), but it is a great way to change things up or make a room look nicer. Of course, repainting your grandmother's dining room table that you inherited is not recommended, but it works for things you find on your neighbor's curb (like my desk). I bought the pint of paint for less than $20.

Tip: Don't go cheap on paint. Use a name brand that will cover well.

4. New knobs

You know that desk I found on my neighbor's curb? Well, the ugly knobs it came with just didn't do anything for me. So, I found some colorful knobs at my favorite craft/home décor store for about $4 each. I replaced all three knobs on the desk for $12.

Tip: You won't find trendy knobs at your grocery or home improvement store (believe me, I've tried). Stick with home décor stores!

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5. Replaced lampshades

I haven't actually done this yet, but I have been keeping my eye out for good deals. And there has recently been an incredibly trendy wave of lampshades that has appeared on the market. You can find stylish lamp shades for less than $20 each.

Tip: Who says all lampshades in a room have to match? Consider finding two styles that complement one another

6. Accent rugs

I used to have an ugly, taupe colored mat in front of my kitchen sink. The only thing it was good for was catching the cereal my baby would throw on the floor. So I'm a huge advocate for the power of a rug! And you can add a rug almost anywhere in the house. My new rug was only $5.

Tip: Colorful rugs draw one's eyes to the floor, so if you aren't particularly fond of your current flooring situation then I recommend using a different way to add style to your home.

7. New shower curtain

Nothing else in your bathroom décor is as successful in positively affecting your mood as a trendy shower curtain. If you have a chic shower curtain, then you'll only need a few additional decorations, because the curtain will be the diva in the room. Pick up a new shower curtain for $25.

Tip: Stay away from solid shower curtains. You're looking for encouragement, not boredom, when you're getting ready for the day.

8. Porch accents

A personal peeve of mine is when my front porch is unappealing. I mean, why would guests want to even step inside my home if the porch is gross? So, consider buying a brightly-colored mat and potted plants that say, "Hey, you!" A mat and a nice potted plant will cost around $25.

Tip: Consider changing mats out with the seasons to add extra appeal.

So, there you go. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive, folks. I wish you the best of luck in fashioning your new home!

This is a guest post by Leah from Krum, TX.

8 Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Home