I have tons of bottles of baby powder in my bathroom cupboards. They are kind of like a fungus in my household – they seemed to multiply like crazy after I had my first child. My-four-year old surpassed the diaper phase long ago. But rather than throwing out the baby powder, I found tons of ways to use it throughout the entire house!




1. Dry Shampoo for Your Pet

Does your dog or cat's fur need a little pick-me-up in between groomer visits? Dump a handful of baby powder into your palms and rub it vigorously into your pet's fur. Let it settle for a few seconds — if your pet will allow it — and then brush the powder out with a brush. Not only will your pet's fur look good, it will smell lovely as well. You can even use this "dry shampoo" on your own hair in the same fashion.

2. Pain Killer

I'm a baby when it comes to any type of pain. Especially waxing pain. I mean, what kind of medieval torturer thought of pouring hot wax on your skin and then ripping it off? To ease some of the pain, I always dust my legs with baby powder before I apply the wax. The powder provides a barrier that helps protect my skin. It also absorbs any moisture or oil on my legs so that the wax better adheres to the hairs on my leg — not my skin.

3. Makeup Setter

Rather than spending tons of money on expensive products and powders that promise to set your makeup all day, use baby powder. Using a makeup brush, dust a bit of baby powder over your foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. Although you might feel a bit silly, this will help assure that the makeup you spent thirty minutes on will last you the majority of the day.

4. Necklace Untangler

Thanks to my toddler's dress-up habit, my jewelry box if full of tangled necklaces. I find that dusting the chains with baby powder makes even the trickiest necklace knot easier to untangle.

5. Ant Repeller

No matter how clean I keep the area under my dining room table, ants always seem to find the microscopic crumbs that I missed. Rather than buy expensive — and toxic — bug spray, I like to sprinkle baby powder anywhere I see ants. Not only will the ants go crazy and flee, they usually refuse to walk through the baby powder. Depending on the amount of baby powder you use, they probably won't venture back into your kitchen for a long time.

6. Foot Powder

Never foot the bill for expensive foot powders again. I dust a bit of baby powder into my entire family's shoes at the end of the night. Not only does this make my husband's stinky shoes smell better, baby powder helps absorb moisture, which is often the culprit for smells, irritation and itching.

7. Deodorant Substitute

Who hasn’t run out of deodorant right before an important date or meeting? When you're in a pinch, rub a bit of baby powder under your arms and anywhere else you feel a bit sweaty. Just like baby powder helps absorb moisture on a baby's bum, it will help keep your armpits fresh and dry throughout the day.

8. Eyelash Plumper

Rather than using false eyelashes — some of those things are actual human hair, which is just a tad bit creepy to me — I close my eyes and dust just a tiny bit of baby powder onto my eyelashes before I apply my favorite mascara. Baby powder adheres to each lash, giving them a fuller and plumper appearance. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes — not that I’ve ever done anything like that…more than once at least.

8 Uses for Baby Powder