Aspirin is an over-the-counter medication that I like to keep in stock for minor aches and pains. Combining great sales and coupons, I have amassed an aspirin stockpile that can expire quicker than I can use it. When I find that I have an excess of aspirin in my stockpile, I like to put them to use in a new way. Here are seven of my favorite alternative uses for aspirin!

1. Jump-start a car battery

I have AAA, but I’d much rather get my car started than get a tow. If you find yourself with a battery with no spark, try this quick fix to at least get the car home!

Remove the cover of the battery and place two crushed aspirin into each cell of the battery. A chemical reaction should occur (within the battery) that could possibly start the battery. If you’re unsure of what a battery cell looks like—you can check it out here.

2. Prep your plants before changing their environment

Use one aspirin to one quart of water and treat your plants before changing their environment such as repotting. The aspirin helps the roots to attach in their new environment.

Aspirin also treats plant fungus effectively. Place two uncoated aspirins in a quart of water, and spray the mix directly on the plant’s fungus.

3. Exfoliate rough skin

Aspirin is made of salicylic acid, which is often used in moisturizers and skin exfoliants. Mix aspirin with lemon juice to make a thick paste, and rub it on rough heels as an exfoliant. Welcome to soft skin!

4. Remove bathtub rings

My bathtub is 19 years old. I like to keep it shiny and white, but inevitably, those soap scum rings build up over time. I’ve tried numerous cleaners, but the fumes overwhelm me—that’s when my stockpile of aspirin comes in handy. Combine aspirin into a simple paste with water and use as needed to remove that bathtub ring!

5. Stain remover for hands

Mix aspirin with lemon and scrub away coffee, cigarette and other pesky stains that are difficult to remove from your hands. We have a pecan orchard, and the pecans leave a dark stain that’s difficult to remove. Lemon has an acidic quality, and mixed with aspirin it makes a great cleaning solution for your hands.

6. Restore chlorine damaged hair

Swimming in a pool damages those beautiful blonde locks. Dissolve six to eight aspirins in a glass of warm water and apply the solution to your hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. You can repeat this process if needed.

7. Absorb moisture in tight spaces and bathrooms

My husband and I have two closets off of the master bath. My husband’s closet seems to have more moisture than mine (maybe because of sweaty shoes and sweats that don’t make it to the laundry basket). I place two tablets of aspirin in an empty cup and keep them in the closet (out the children’s reach, of course). This helps absorb moisture than can cause mold and mildew.

7 Alternative Uses for Your Aspirin Stockpile