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12 Unusual Uses for Baby Powder

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Baby powder…it’s not just for babies anymore. In fact, baby powder is a true powerhouse in its own right, moving mountains and making life cheaper and easier, whether it’s through enhancing your own beauty regime or freshening up your pet. If you’re like (and many other KCLs), then you have a tidy stockpile of baby powder. Consider putting the extra to good use in any or all of the ways listed here.

1. Stop squeaks and creaks

There are all kinds of reasons why your floorboards, doors, or stairways may squeak and creak. But once you sprinkle a bit of baby powder over the offending area, you can enjoy peace and quiet once more.

2. Make the odors go away

Whether it is coming from moldy books, well-used gym shoes, or even the famly pet, baby powder is to odor what Raid is to roaches. Sprinkle some on or in whatever is emitting the foul smell and breathe easily again.

3. Soak up the grease

Baby powder easily soaks up grease. Dribbled cooking grease on your apron? Sprinkle on some baby powder and watch it disappear. Have a dangerous grease spill in the middle of your floor? Baby powder keeps everyone safe until you can clean up the area more thoroughly.

4. Powder up!

Baby powder is a great substitute for pricey salon facial powders. Just dust some on and watch the shine fade (by the way, you can also substitute baby powder for deodorant—smells great and works just as well too!

5. Plump those lashes and set your makeup

Want the kind of plump lashes you only see on those "plump lash" commercials? Dust on a fine sprinkling of baby powder, then apply your regular mascara. You can also apply a light dusting of baby powder over your whole face after applying makeup. This will keep face oils from ruining all your hard work.

6. Keep pests OUT

Insects don't enjoy baby powder nearly as much as your baby does. Sprinkle a line across areas where common household pests like ants, flies, roaches, and other unwelcome visitors tend to roam. They will relocate themselves promptly.

7. Keep pricey plant bulbs from rotting

If you have a collection of prized bulbs you've been hoarding for planting season, baby powder can help pest- and rot-proof them. Just place your bulbs in a plastic bag and add a few tablespoons of baby powder. Then shake, shake, shake, and watch the pests and the damp flee.

8. Untie the knots

Baby powder is a great help in untangling knotted cords, shoelaces, necklaces, and more. The powder effortlessly eases the knotted areas, making them simple to unravel.

9. Ease the effects of humidity

From skin chafing to sticking sand to stringy hair, baby powder can put new life back into what humidity has overwhelmed. You can use baby powder as a very effective, sweet-smelling dry shampoo (with the aid of a drop or two of essential oil if desired). You can sprinkle a thin layer over a wet child (or your wet self) to make sand removal easy. You can even dust baby powder over common areas where skin tends to chafe in summer—under biceps, on inner thighs, on the back of the neck, and elsewhere.

10. Freshen drawers and closets

If you find your drawers or closets are beginning to emit a musty smell, adding a small dish of baby powder can absorb the moisture causing the mustiness. This works very well with carpeting too, especially if you are trying to combat tough lingering smells like cigarette smoke.

11. Substitute for skin lotion

If you are battling rough, dry skin and have run out of lotion, baby powder can do the job just as well. Sprinkle some on the rough patches and gently work it in (this also works great to ease the skin irritation home waxing kits can sometimes cause—first, dust on some baby powder, then apply and remove the wax).

12. Give your playing cards a second life

It is not fun at all to look forward to a rousing game of cards, only to discover your deck is unusable due to the effects of humidity or mold. But baby powder saves the day in a pinch—dump your deck into a plastic bag, add a few pinches of baby powder, shake, and remove. Your deck will shuffle, sort, and stand as good as new.

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