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How I Get My Bathrooms Squeaky Clean Without Scrubbing

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My dad was an absolute clean freak and growing up I learned to keep my space pretty tidy because of that. It’s something I’ve carried with me into adulthood and being a full-time working mom of two, I try to find little ways to manage a messy house that don’t take up too much time. I’ve read just about every cleaning hack you can imagine and use quite a few of them often (like using my dishwasher to clean light fixtures!). But where I find it kind of hard to cut corners is in the bathroom. I recently tried the Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer and this is exactly what I needed under my bathroom sink!

This product is one of the best tools for cleaning my bathroom quickly that I’ve used recently. It covers a large area in no time and after you spray it, you walk away, then come back for a quick wipe-down and you’re done. This foaming cleaner coats your bathroom surfaces and deep cleans, removing 100% of soap scum, so you don’t have to scrub.

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The no-scrubbing aspect spoke to me as a mom.

clorox bathroom ultra foamer cleaners in two scents

I love a clean home just like my dad did, but I have two toddlers of my own now and it’s hard to find the time to give everything a deep wash. My oldest is almost four and is mastering the art of brushing her teeth, so you can imagine what the sink looks like every morning. Taking the time to scrub a dirty shower or give our sinks a daily clean doesn’t fit into my schedule, so this whole spray, rinse, and walk away thing is my favorite aspect of this cleaner.

The sprayer is aerosol-free and my favorite part is that the trigger is easy to use. Just pull the trigger and get to work! You can keep pulling the trigger gently multiple times for a consistent flow of foam, which made for really quick and easy coverage.

It also comes in two scents: Rain Clean and Island Blossom. You’ll spend around $6 on this bathroom cleaner, but I value my time and giving my shower a good spray and rinse instead of having to bust out the scouring pad is worth it to me.


Walmart consistently has the best price on the Bathroom Ultra Foamer.
person lifting sprayer nozzle from clorox ultra foamer bathroom cleaner

I can always find this bathroom cleaner and refills in stock at Walmart and it is usually the cheapest by at least a few pennies. Plus, once you grab your first bottle of Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer, you can then purchase refills later for $1 less. That’s right! You don’t have to buy a new spray bottle every time. You can buy a refill for $5 (instead of $6).

Not only do these cost-savings add up over time, but it’s less waste being thrown into the trash. The refill bottle is #2 plastic, so when you’re done you just rinse and pop the old into the recycle bin and the new onto your sprayer! Check with your local municipality regarding recycling #2 plastic in your area, and learn more on the How2Recycle website. I’ve noticed more big-name cleaning products doing this and I love it because it feels like I’m throwing less of my hard-earned money into the trash when I get to reuse at least a portion of the bottle time and time again.


I tested the Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer in our master shower.

person spraying mildew in bathtub with clorox bathroom ultra foamer cleaner

In our home, our master bath probably gets cleaned the least often. It’s embarrassing but true! Since nobody but my husband and I see it on a daily basis, it definitely gets put to the bottom of my to-do list for cleaning. So our shower (which was probably installed in the 1980s) can get some pretty good buildup before I have time to give it a good clean. Since the Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer removes 100% of soap scum, this was the perfect place to start.

We have a little seat in our shower, which inevitably just gets filled with bottles of shampoo and conditioner. But it also gets a lot of standing water when the shower isn’t in use. This leads to some staining and overall grossness that I wanted to tackle with the Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer.

person wiping bathtub ledge after spraying clorox bathroom ultra foamer spray

I sprayed the seat in our shower, including the bottoms of some of our shampoo bottles that were pretty grimy. Then I completely walked away to let the Clorox work its magic. After a few minutes, I used a wet wash cloth and easily wiped the surface of the seat and the bottoms of the bottles and was completely done.

bathtub ledge after having been cleaned

For what it’s worth, I like the Rain Clean scent the most, but both smell really fresh. And they worked exactly as described. Oh, and the Clorox Bathroom Ultra Foamer managed to clean up all of my daughter’s dried-on toothpaste too, if you were wondering!


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