Shopping in bulk is fun and can be cost effective! One thing I have noticed lately is dishwasher detergent (and many other products), when bought in bulk, comes in a handy plastic container. Instead of throwing out those plastic containers, repurpose them!

This large detergent bucket makes for the perfect car trash can. Its size fits nicely under seats, and the lid keeps that pesky trash from spilling back into the car!

Materials Needed:

  • Empty plastic dishwasher detergent container
  • 2-3 sheets scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Empty, clean and dry your container.
  2. Wrap scrapbook paper around your container and trim to fit.
  3. When you have it fit to your liking, glue scrapbook paper to container.
  4. Place in your car and enjoy a trash-free vehicle!
DIY: Repurpose Detergent Container as Car Trash Can!