One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to shop for home decor. In fact, I’m often reading home magazines or on Pinterest lusting over images of decked-out dining rooms or glamorous kitchens. These pinning sprees often inspire me to work on my own home’s décor, but the desire usually fizzles once I begin to look at prices. Luckily, just changing or adding a rug to a room can make a huge difference in how it looks. Here’s how to get one for less:

1. Be flexible

When I was looking for a new rug for my family room, I was searching high and low online trying to find the best deals, but not having much luck. However, a friend pointed out to me that I was searching within a rather narrow set of criteria. I changed my standards, and instead of searching only for indoor rugs I began to search for indoor/outdoor rugs. Once I opened up my search criteria I found tons of rugs that I loved at much lower prices! In fact, I ended up purchasing a 5’x8′ indoor/outdoor rug that I love for only $49. If you’re set on certain criteria such as size, color, pattern or material, consider opening up your options and you may be surprised at what you find.

2. Shop discount stores

These days there are so many stores that offer good quality rugs at low prices that there’s no need to spend a fortune. Stores such as Home Goods, Ikea, Target, Walmart and Kmart offer a wide variety of rugs ranging from prices as low as $20 for small rugs to upwards of several-hundred dollars for larger ones. One of the things that I love about these stores is that many have partnered with select designers to create secondary lines that embody the designer look at a low cost (like Nate Berkus rugs at Target and Better Homes and Gardens rugs at Walmart).

3. Shop the "as-is" section at furniture stores

Although accessories such as rugs are often priced much higher at furniture stores, don’t completely discount them! Most furniture stores have an "as-is" section somewhere in the back where they offer floor samples that are no longer needed or have been slightly damaged. The items in this area are usually marked down significantly, and you can score some great pieces! Just be sure to look the items over carefully as they may have pulls, runs or stains, and are usually final sale.

4. Shop online

There are tons of sites hawking home goods, so trying to finding a quality rug from a reputable online retailer can be quite overwhelming. However, there are several sites with great deals on rugs. One of the best is RugsUSA, which offers discounted area rugs and free shipping. Not only do they have a large selection of traditional, contemporary, transitional and outdoor rugs, but they have tons of clearance merchandise, as well! One of the best aspects of RugsUSA is that they often have promos for 75 or 80 percent off all clearance merchandise, making for some amazing deals. In fact, with a quick search, I found tons of area rugs under $100, including a gorgeous 5’x8′ chevron rug priced down from $400 to $85! RugsUSA also offers a 20-day return policy in case you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Another great site is, which has one of the largest selection of rugs out there. In fact, they often have over 15,000 rugs available for you to peruse! Although they offer rugs priced as high as $164,000 (yes, you read that correctly!) they offer thousands of rugs priced under $100. Overstock also offers free shipping every day on orders over $50 and a 30-day return policy. Be sure to sign up for their Omail, which frequently includes coupon codes for an additional percentage off!

5. Have a rug made from a carpet remnant

Most flooring stores will have carpet remnants (pieces leftover from installations) for sale at substantial discounts. You can purchase these pieces and use them to create your own rug! The price of carpet remnants will vary depending on the size and quality, but you can often find rolls of 120 square feet for around $80. However, make sure to call around—I’ve seen rolls of remnants at home improvement stores for as low as $20. To turn your remnant into a rug, you’ll need to have the edges bound, otherwise you’ll end up with fibers all over the floor (and quite a mess). The binding also creates a finished look. Most carpet and flooring stores will do the binding for you at an extra cost. The price of binding varies from store to store but usually starts at around $2 per foot and can go up from there depending on the type of carpet as well as the type of binding you would like.

6. Consider modular carpet tiles

If you’re not familiar with carpet tiles, they are exactly what they sound like—flooring tiles made from carpet! These are a great alternative to rugs for many reasons, like the ability to purchase only what you need to create the perfect size rug for your area and being able to put together patterns or colors in any way you desire. However, my favorite perk to carpet tiles is that if you spill a glass of wine or your little one tracks in mud that you simply can’t get out, just replace that one tile, and your floor is like new again! Like regular carpet, prices will vary depending on quality, but you can find 12" by 12" tiles as low as $17 or so for a pack of 10 on Amazon. These tiles are also available at any flooring store and many home improvement shops.

7. Shop online outlets

Just because you don’t live near an outlet mall doesn’t mean that you can’t shop outlets. Although most outlet stores are brick-and-mortar only, there are a few that have an online presence, as well. One of my favorites for rugs and other home goods is Crate & Barrel. In the past on the Crate & Barrel Outlet site, I’ve seen 5’x8′ rugs marked down from $399 to $150, 8’x10′ rugs marked down from $700 to $300, and numerous other great finds. Another great online outlet for rugs is Sears, which usually has a wide selection discounted as much as 80 percent, with prices ranging anywhere from $20 up to $250.

How to Get a Great Deal on a Rug