For a dining room with pizazz, crystal brings a unique appeal that will catch any eye! An elegant crystal vase adds flair to any bouquet of flowers, whether colorful roses or daisies from the field! And what better way to get that gorgeous look than with the Crystal Clear Alexandria 12-inch Vase from Kohl's. You can pick it up for just $47.99 with $6.95 shipping. Or you can get the same base from Wayfair. Their Crystal Clear Alexandria Vase sells for just $19.84 with $8.99 shipping. Same flair. Savings: $26.11 or 48 percent.


Top off a dining room table with this trio of crystal candle holders. Kohl's sells the Fifth Avenue Crystal Westport 3-pc Candleholder Set for $149.99 with free shipping. But at, pick up the exact same item for just $78.03 with standard shipping of $2.95 on the Westport Candle Holders (set of 3). Also note Overstock includes the candles with their set, which will make your savings even greater. Savings: $69.01 or 46 percent.


This beautiful sparkling ball pendant light is 24 inches in diameter and has 12 lights to make it shine. Lamps Plus carries the ET2 Brilliant Crystal Pendant light for $1,998.91 plus $99.00 shipping. Or get the knockoff version at The Home Depot in the Checkolite Crystal Chandelier. Their version has just 8 lights and is 21 inches across but with a price tag of $399.00 with free shipping. Sparing a few lights still provides more than enough sparkle. Savings: $1,698.91 or 81 percent.

Knockout Knockoffs: Crystal Dining Room Accessories