Dining room chairs – a much needed item, but why are they so expensive? These swanky versions have more affordable knockoffs.

This beautiful Layla Grayce Avondale chair is $1070.00 plus $73.50 for standard shipping. You can choose from many different fabrics for the seating, but most have an $58.00 upcharge!  This simple, elegant Medallion dining chair is a good alternative from No Four Eleven. With a natural linen and oak combination, they sell for a much more reasonable price of $462.00 with an estimated $21.11 shipping. That's a savings of 61 percent per chair, which means you can get two chairs and still have money left over. (Savings: $692.39 or 61 percent.)

Check out this X-back seating option. This time No Four Eleven has the more expensive version in their Parisienne Café Chair. It'll run you $195.00 per chair plus an estimated shipping of $23.26 when you purchase two chairs. Or you can pick up two Classical Brandford X Back chairs in Oak finish at Overstock.com. They sell for just $182.99 for the set, and their standard shipping of $2.95 can't be beat. With a savings of 55 percent, you could pick up four knockoff chairs for a complete set! (Savings: $227.32 on two chairs or 55 percent.)

For a more formal dining choice, Crate and Barrel's pristine Ivory Lowe Leather Side Chair would do. But at $199.00 each, they pack a pretty punch for the price. So check out Overstock and get four Warehouse of Tiffany Shino dining chairs for just $269.99 plus $2.95 shipping. Even though they are 3.5" taller, it's a fair trade when you consider buying four Crate and Barrel chairs is $769.00 plus the additional $103.60 required for shipping. On four chairs, that's a savings of 70 percent when you opt for the knockoff! (Savings on four chairs: $626.66 or 70 percent.)

  This has been a guest post by Annette from Orlando, FL
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Knockout Knockoffs: Dining Room Chairs