Kirkland's latest lineup of knockoff wall mirrors will help your home look like a designer stopped by, but you’ll know you got these items at MUCH lower prices.  Kirkland’s also offers free shipping to their nearest store, which can save even more!

First up, the classic look of reclaimed wood in the Recycled Wood Octagonal Mirror by No. Four Eleven for $225.00 with about $17.00 in shipping charges. Kirkland's offers the knockoff version Wood Attwood Octagonal Mirror for $99.99 with $13.99 shipping. Savings: $128.02 or 53 percent.

Kohl's is showcasing a colorful starburst mirror. The Flower Burst Wall Décor mirror comes with a price tag of $129.99 and $14.95 shipping. Or you can get a  slightly more jewel-toned version in Kirkland's Chai Escape Mirror at $69.99 with $12.99 shipping.  Savings: $61.96 or 43 percent.

Wayfair’s 32 inch Diamond Lighting Schaefer Mirror sells for $298.00 with free shipping. Kirkland's offers a near-exact knockoff for $49.99 with $8.99 shipping. The Glass Becca Bling Mirror is slightly smaller with a 26 inch diameter, but it qualifies for free in-store pickup.  Savings: (without in-store shipping): $239.02 or 80 percent.

 This has been a guest post by Annette from Orlando, FL
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Knockout Knockoffs: Double Vision with Decorative Mirrors