Nothing makes a first impression like an entryway.

This inspired collection by Wisteria has a beautiful, hand-crafted Asian table that anchors entry. Unique yet simple accessories complete the look and give the space a timeless appeal. This well-designed entryway collection is $2,285. Use Knockout Knockoffs to recreate the look for only $457.45. Savings: $1,827.55 or 80 percent!


This amazing Vintage Chinese Butcher's Table is a beautifully handmade recreation. The regular price is $1,699. The Kara Sofa Table by Angelo Home is made from oak and features a similar vintage Chinese design. It has three storage drawers and an extra shelf. Overstock sells it for $267.34. Savings: $1,431.66 or 84 percent.


Decorative garden stools are in style this year and work indoors or outdoors. In this room the Interlocking Ring Stool provides a sturdy spot to put on shoes or rest extra bags for $219. The Paradise Double Coin Garden Stool features a similar interlocking circle design and retails for $108.99. Savings: $110.01 or 50 percent.


Although translucent, the Seeing Clearly Lamp creates quite a statement. This simple and classic lamp with shade is $249. Target sells the Glass Tear Drop Lamp base for only $46.99. Add a large shade for only $15.79. Savings: $186.22 or 75 percent.


Completing the look are two green glazed pieces of pottery. The Sage Chinese Pot Vase retails for $69 and the Sage Chinese Pot Round Vase is $49. Choose Elements Ceramic Reactive Glaze Vases for a similar effect and pay only $18.34 for a three-piece collection. Savings: $99.66 or 85 percent.

Knockout Knockoffs: Inspired Entryway