When done right, a linen palette can look luxurious in any room. Thankfully, Restoration Hardware does it right. So does, it turns out, World Market! Take a look at this lineup of linen furniture.

The living room is the perfect location to showcase a gorgeous sofa and slipcover combo. Restoration Hardware has a 6' Belgian Shelter Arm Slipcovered Sofa for $2,295 plus a flat rate furniture shipping charge of $125. Love the look of linen but not the price tag attached to it? Check out the knockoff option provided by World Market. The Linen Crosby Sofa plus slipcover combo will cost just $499.99 combined, plus an additional $125 oversize shipping charge and the standard $49.95 shipping for a total of $674.94. At a savings of 72%, it's worth considering!

Savings: $1,745.06 or 72%

Another slipcovered option is this sleek and sophisticated dining room chair from Restoration Hardware. The Hudson Parsons Slipcovered Side Chair comes complete with chair and cover for just $329 plus $125 shipping. But you can get two for the price of one at World Market. Combine the set of two Anna slipcover chairs, priced at $159.98 for two, and the Anna long slipcover at just $39.99 each, for a tidy price of $239.96 for two chairs plus an additional $29.95 shipping and $50 oversize charge. At a total of $319.91, that's a savings of 59% on two chairs!

Savings: $463.09 or 59%

Here's a club chair that is stunning and comfortable in linen! The Crate and Barrel Essex Chair is a deeply padded chair that comes with a whopping cost of $1,299 plus an additional $119 shipping! But at Overstock.com, there is the very similar Nottingham Sand Beige Club Chair for just $337.49 plus standard $2.95 shipping. A neat little savings of 76%.

Savings: $1,077.56 or 76%

If you are a fan of the tufted look, here's a really neat buttoned chair in linen. The Pottery Barn Tudor Armchair has a classic look, and nailheads surrounding the edges make the lines pop. But for $1,099 plus 10% shipping ($109.90), it's worth checking a knockoff I found. The Overstock.com Manchester Taupe Brass Nailhead Club Chair may have light-colored legs, but at just $381.23 plus $2.95 shipping, I think I'd take the change! And with a savings of 68% there is plenty of money leftover to stain them to a different color!

Savings: $824.72 or 68%

Knockout Knockoffs: Luxury Linen Seating from Restoration Hardware and World Market