While patio season may be coming to a close, savings are still abundant! Check out this stackable chair that is perfect for any outdoor space.

Knockout: All Modern’s Moroso Supernatural Chair. We absolutely love the white perforated back on this sturdy indoor-outdoor chair. Stackable up to eight high, it’s a winner for the avid entertainer. What we don’t love is the price. Selling for $230 each with free shipping, a double set will run you $460.

Knockoff: IVG Stores’ Baxton Studio Marina Plastic Molded Chairs in White. This set of two chairs also features the cool cutouts on the back and the same stackable versatility. But they come at a much more relaxing price of $132 for the pair, plus $41.93 shipping.

Savings on 2 chairs: $286.07 or 62%

Knockout Knockoffs: Moroso Supernatural Chair