Looking for inspiration for a vintage-inspired playroom or family area? Take a few cues from this room from Wisteria. The room features a recycled pine console that can function as a storage center or a TV console. Organize the space with lined wire baskets to conceal gaming accessories, books, movies or toys. The vintage game boards are creative and unexpected pieces of art. Our knockoffs for this unusual room may be slightly different but will help you capture the same feel in your own home—for much less!

Knockout: The Recycled Pine Console is the main component in this designer room. This multi-functional piece works for organizing playroom or family room clutter, as a television console with shelves for media components or as an entry or sofa table. The wood construction and metal wheels and accents give it a casual, industrial look. Wisteria's regular price is $1,099.

Knockoff: Choose the Chadwick Console from Urban Home for the same casual, industrial design. It also features reclaimed timber construction with metal accents. It is a fraction of the original's cost at just $299.

Savings: $800, or 73%






Knockout: The Wire and Lined Nesting Baskets help corral clutter and add to the casual vibe of the room. Unfortunately, these baskets are currently sold out, but happily we were able to find a great knockoff. The Wisteria baskets ]start at $38 for the small basket and go up in price depending on the size.

Knockoff: Cost Plus World Market has nearly identical Charlotte Lined Wire Baskets. The small basket costs $7.99, medium $12.99 and large $24.99.

Savings: $30 (based on small basket price), or 80%.








Knockout: The Folk Art Game Boards add color and whimsy to the space. This collection of four painted trays depicts popular American board games from the 19th century. You can use them as artwork or as trays. This four piece collection costs $249.

Knockoff: There are several ways to achieve this look for less. An unconventional alternative to game boards is this Board Games Tapestry Throw. It can be hung on the wall as a tapestry or used as a throw for snuggling on the couch. This tapestry costs $50. Another way to achieve the inspiration picture's look is to scour thrift stores, eBay or Etsy for vintage board games. Prices range from $5–80 per board, depending on the retailer and condition.

Savings: $199 (tapestry), or 80%.

Knockout Knockoffs: Wisteria Vintage-Inspired Playroom