They say a mirror can add depth to an otherwise tight room, or bring in light via reflection when light is scarce. But mirrors do not only have to be on the wall to bring a touch of brightness to a space. Here are some examples where the mirror adds to the décor without being on the wall.

Horchow has a beautiful bench that is framed in mirrors, but adds comfort with a pillowed top. The "Denison" Mirrored Bench runs $549.00 plus $55.00 shipping. Kirkland offers a similar knockoff version that sports the same mirrors and cushioned top, minus the buttons and the center set of legs. The price difference, though, is significant. Kirkland offers their Mirrored Bench for $169.99 plus $21.95 shipping.

Savings: $412.06 or 68 percent

The Ellery Nightstand adds mirrors in an unexpected way by layering them behind simple cutouts on the drawer fronts. High Fashion Home sells this piece for $799.00 plus $63.92 shipping and a $100.00 oversize charge. But you can pick up a look-alike version at Their Distressed Cream Antiqued Mirror Accent Chest sells for just $358.99 and comes with free shipping.

Savings: $603.93 or 63 percent


Arcadian Home has a perfectly simple way to add mirrors as you want them. The Howard Elliott Mirrored Accent Nesting Tables can be pulled out as needed or tucked away to minimize the reflection. You'll get 3 different tables for $503.90 plus free shipping. But again, if you are willing to downsize a little, you pick up this Set of 2 Mirrored Modern Nesting Tables from Lamps Plus for just $199.99. I think giving up the smallest table is worth the 60% savings, don't you?

Savings: $303.91 or 60 percent


Tossing mirrors up on the ceiling has been done for ages, but adding them to your ceiling light fixture might just be the bright spot in the room. Lightopia makes it easy with their large Grayson Chandelier. The 15.75"H x 22"D fixture sells for a whopping $2,565.00, thankfully with free shipping. But if you are willing to go smaller, the Worlds Away Faceted Chandelier sold by Candelabra may be just the one for you. While it's about half the height, this 8"H x 19"D sells for a neat $622.50 and also comes with free shipping. I think the 78% savings you'll get is worth the shorter knockoff.

Savings: $1,942.50 or 78 percent

Knockout Knockoffs: Reflective Decor