A house just doesn’t feel as homey when the lighting isn’t right. Whether it be romantic candlelight, inviting table lamps, or elaborate chandeliers, nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like a beautifully lit home. Here are three unique crystal light fixtures to help you create the ambiance you’re looking for!











If you happen to have a wide area in need of lighting, check out this beautiful and unique option. Design Within Reach has the Cellula Chandelier priced at $2,730 with $204.75 shipping. This 47″W fixture comes with nine lights and is blinged out with an abundance of Swarovski cut crystals. However, the knockoff chandelier offered by Overstock is just as sophisticated. The Linear 45-inch 7-light Bar Pendant Crystal Chandelier may not boast Swarovski crystals, but its lead crystal droplets are just as beautiful. And with a price tag of just $289.99 with free shipping, this elegant knockoff would be a stylish (and affordable!) addition to any room.

Savings: $2,644.76 or 90%


This striking and unusual option is the Giogali Chandelier from Interior Deluxe. This designer fixture has 215 individual “horseshoe” loops of glass that interlock to form the beautiful cascading chandelier. It sells for a stunning $2,049 with free shipping. But there’s no need to shell out that much cash to get the look. Z Gallerie offers the strikingly similar Glass Links Chandelier for just $299 with $29.90 shipping!

Savings: $1,720.10 or 84%

This gorgeous chandelier has a classic, elegant look. Z Gallerie sells the Luxe Crystal Chandelier for $799 with $79.90 shipping. Dripping with three layers of oblong glass prisms, this piece is sure to make a grand statement in any home. Thank goodness Overstock has a beautiful, almost identical knockoff of this pricey chandelier. The Odeon Crystal Glass Fringe 3-tier Chandelier has the same features but sells for just $303.99 with free shipping.

Savings: $568.91 or 65%

Knockout Knockoffs: Unique Crystal Light Fixtures