Lamps can be an important part of setting the tone of a room. They can help highlight assets and hide flaws, set the mood, or even bring a sense of quirkiness to the styling. A unique lamp can be a great way to give a room a bit of personality without a huge investment (if you nab the knockoff, of course). Here are a few lamps that are sure to bring an element of surprise to a room:

For a sense of sophistication, I love turning to Ralph Lauren Home. The Roberston Table Lamp has a beautiful natural rust finish with a white paper shade. It is simple, sleek, and outrageously priced at $900.00. You'll have to call to find out the shipping costs. Or, you can turn to World Market for a knockoff version. The Calistoga Table Lamp had the same styling but costs just $89.99 with $10.95 shipping.

Savings: $799.06 or 89 percent



This cute little owl lamp would add a touch of fun to any room, be it a nursery or office. West Elm sells the popular version of the Owl Table Lamp for $99.00 plus $17.00 shipping. Or, you can get JCPenney’s excellent knockoff version. Their Ceramic Owl Table Lamp is 2 inches shorter but sells for just $47.00. For $8.00 they’ll ship to your home, but if you have a store located near you, you can pick it up for free. Even with home shipping, it's a 53 percent savings!

Savings: $61.00 or 53%


This deep-down-under-the-sea-themed lamp will sparkle in any room. The Boca Coral Table Lamp as sold by Clayton Gray Home will cost you $570.00 with free shipping. However, Pier 1 Imports has a very close knockoff in their Coral Lamp. While they take off the crystal slab stand, they also take off 73% of the price, selling it for just $125.00 with a $10.00 surcharge. You can pick it up for free in-store or have it shipped to your home for just $16.95.

Savings: $418.05 or 73%

Here's one that will add a lacey yet modern touch to the bedroom or living space. The Meri Table Lamp from Lightopia sells for $1,012.50 with free shipping. Loving the lamp but not the price? Check out this knockoff available through The Kenroy Home Glover Table Lamp sells for just $117.99 with free shipping!

Savings: $894.51 or 88%

Knockout Knockoffs: Unique Table Lamps