Organization is a Krazy Coupon Lady’s middle name. Speaking from experience, it’s so important to stay organized with your coupons and shopping lists because it saves time and stress. But what about staying organized in other aspects of our lives? Traditional paper planners are helpful but can sometimes be too bulky to carry around. My kids would much rather have me carry their snacks and toys, anyway.  And while my phone already has a built-in scheduler, it doesn’t easily sync with my other computing devices. I’m a list-taking queen and feel that’s the only way I can stay organized. When I discovered Remember the Milk, I rejoiced because it allows me to make all the lists I need and equips me with the tools to prioritize.

What is Remember the Milk?

Remember the Milk is your personal, portable to-do list that lets you create and manage tasks from various aspects of your life. Need a specific list for work and then another for items to pick up at Walgreens? Perhaps you just need a reminder to place your trash on the curb every Tuesday? This app allows you to quickly jot down chores and reminds you (in multiple ways) to complete them.

Can I access my information from other devices?

Yes! Because I use my smartphone, tablet and computer at different times throughout the day, it’s necessary that I have the flexibility to access my tasks on whichever device I’m on. Remember the Milk allows you to sync your to-do lists from your mobile to web apps like iCal, Google Calendar, Gmail, Twitter, Outlook and more. The more ways I can access my tasks, the more likely I’ll accomplish them!

How do I use it?

Simply choose the category or project your task relates to, then assign a date and time, priority, and even location. Remember the Milk will automatically organize your task to its chosen date or dates if it’s a repeating task. Have an iPhone? Use Siri to help you assign tasks. You can even choose to see a map of all your missions. When the time comes to take action, you’ll be reminded via email, instant messenger or SMS.

Can I share my tasks?

Of course! I love sharing tasks with my husband, who literally always drinks up the milk and forgets to buy more. So now all I do is create a to-do list for him!



Never Forget the Eggs When You Use Remember the Milk