Today we purchased a new mattress set for our son. I cringed as I handed over those crisp hundred dollar bills and immediately started to think of ways I was going to make it last as long as possible.

Here are some mattress-saving tips:

Don’t Jump: Turns out, Mom was right! Jumping on the bed is actually bad for it. It crushes and knocks the springs out of alignment.

Buy a Mattress Cover: Your mattress warranty says "prorated warranty." That means as it gets stained from random accidents and spills, its value depreciates. If you seek a warranty refund on a stained mattress, you’ll get back significantly less than you paid. Purchase a new vinyl or specially-lined mattress cover. It helps protect against spills, which saves you time and ultimately money. An encasement specifically designed to keep out dust mites can also help with allergies.

Buy a Mattress Pad: Not only does it help protect against stains, but it keeps your mattress from getting indented from where you sleep on it.

Wash Covers: Both the mattress cover and the mattress pad should be frequently washed (in hot water). People shed skin cells and sweat while asleep. It will also help keep down the number of dust mites, which eat dead skin and, well, poop.

Flip and Rotate: Regularly shift your mattress. Think of it like rotating your tires. Your mattress is designed to last a certain period of time without being flipped or turned. If you flip and rotate your mattress on a schedule, it will wear more evenly. Check here for an awesome mattress flipping routine to keep you on track!

Use a Box Spring: Not only could you ruin the mattress faster, but your warranty could be completely voided. I asked several mattress companies, and their experts confirmed that many warranties are useless without the recommended box spring. A box spring is made to go with a specific mattress because it gives the mattress the support it needs in specific areas. Saving a few bucks today could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Don’t Use a Board: If you need a board, you need a new mattress.

Vacuum: If you vacuum your mattress, you can help clean up some of the dead skin cells that may be lurking on your bed. Those skin cells, along with other debris, can soil your mattress as well as invite mites that are allergens into your bed. Save yourself a trip to the doctor by running the vacuum over it after you take off your sheets to wash them.

Don’t Dry Clean: The chemicals in those cleaners could be harmful to the fabric. Obviously, you can't wash your mattress, but use this recipe to help the mattress look brand new again. Simply combine 8 oz hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons baking soda, and 1 drop of dish detergent into a spray bottle. Mist it onto the mattress and watch the stains disappear.

 This has been a guest post by August from Granite Falls, NC
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Once Upon a Mattress: How to Make Your Pricey Bed Last