Ceiling fans are great for saving on energy bills, but they gather dust and are tricky to clean. By the time you finally get out a ladder or step stool to clean it, the dust is probably pretty thick. One swipe of the dust cloth can send dust flying on you and everything below! Not a good scenario. A pillowcase can solve that dust-flying problem by gathering and keeping dust inside the case. I like that!

The dusting process is pretty simple:

  1. Turn off the fan.  (Just in case you didn’t think of it!)
  2. Find a soft pillowcase that will attract dust easily—flannel or cotton both work great.
  3. If there’s a softer side of the pillowcase, be sure it’s on the inside (again, to attract the dust best).
  4. Stand safely where you can reach at least one fan blade (you can always spin the fan manually to reach the others).
  5. Open the pillowcase wide enough to reach the center of the fan (without scraping any dust off on the way—remember, we don’t like flying dust!)
  6. Starting from the innermost part of the blade, with one hand on the top of the pillowcase (but loosely holding onto the part beneath to keep the pillowcase opening small at this point), steadily dust off the fan blade toward the end. (I like to keep my other hand at the end of the blade for better balance.)
  7. Use both hands to dust off the end a little better (I found a teensy bit of dust on the underside of the blade, too).
  8. Repeat on each of the fan blades, trying to use a clean part of the pillowcase each time.
  9. While you’re up there, use the edge of your pillowcase to gently dust the center of the fan (as you can  see, mine sure needed it!)
  10. Carefully climb back down to the floor and enjoy knowing that your fan is clean!

This is a guest post by Renee from Scotts Valley, CA.


The Easiest Way to Dust Your Ceiling Fan