It’s always a challenge figuring out how to save money at the grocery store, especially if you’re like me and love fresh fruits and vegetables. I didn’t realize until recently that when you buy fresh vegetables and fruits makes a difference. According to CBS News, one of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is to go shopping on Wednesdays. After a bit of research, it was discovered that most stores in the U.S. receive their new shipments of food on hump day.

It goes like this: stores send out flyers, social media tweets and maybe even a blip or two about sales, but they don’t usually hit your mailbox until Tuesday of the following week. Grocery chains then reduce the prices on their perishables such as fruits, veggies, meats and bakery items to make room for the new stuff.

Now you know exactly when to buy cheap vegetables and sweet fruits for a better price. Combine this knowledge with your grocery store coupons for even better savings and fruit salad without guilt!

This is a guest post by Buffy from Boise, ID. 

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