I love finding great deals on art pieces online, but I hate the cost of getting them framed. And the thought of sticking a gorgeous print in whatever poor-quality frame I can reasonably afford seems like a shame. So I improvise! Instead of going to a professional and spending at least $100 on matting, lining and framing your cherished pieces of art, do what I do—go secondhand! Ever go into a thrift shop and gawk at some of the cheesiest paintings of fruit bowls and angels you've ever seen? Look past the terrible art and check out the frame. If the frame is attractive, spend the $7 and chuck the hideous art. There may be a corny photo within that frame, but the frame itself could be of very good quality. And if it has a great structure but is the wrong color, sand, distress or paint it to make it more fitting to your tastes. You’ll have beautiful art for a fraction of what it would cost at the frame shop!

Save on Quality Framing by Going Secondhand