I use aluminum foil all the time when I’m cooking, but there are so many more uses for that roll of foil sitting in your kitchen drawer! Aluminum foil is actually a great alternative to purchasing a lot of other items that I really don’t need to buy. By couponing and taking advantage of sales, I can save money when buying aluminum foil and maximize its usage in my everyday life.
Here are 10 alternative uses for aluminum foil that are sure to help you save. Now pull that roll of aluminum foil out and start making your home a little more polished.

1. Reduce static cling

Tear the foil in strips, and roll them together until they’re about the size of a tennis ball. Now you can put it in the dryer to reduce static cling! We leave ours in the dryer and add aluminum foil to it as it unravels with use. It might make a sound in the dryer, but no more than a pair of tennis shoes would.

2. Save time ironing

With a little foil, you can actually iron both sides of a piece of clothing at the same time. Roll the foil out over your ironing board, place your ironing board cover over it and then iron like normal. The foil reflects the heat from the iron, which means each side of the garment is getting warm! Voila! This method saves me so much time in the morning!

3. Keep your jewelry clean

Jewelry cleaner is expensive! By placing a small piece of tin foil in your jewelry box, you can avoid buying it! The foil will keep your silver jewelry from turning. Just remember to replace the foil every three months.

4. Remove rust

Over time, rust forms on shower curtain rods, and instead of buying a new rod (which can get expensive) I’d much rather clean it off. All you do is crumple a piece of foil and scrub. This handy little trick only takes a few minutes to complete!

5. Reattach tile

Vinyl tile is always coming loose in my house, but foil can help me reattach it. Place a piece of aluminum foil over the loose self-sticking vinyl tile. Run the hot iron over the aluminum foil several times to allow the glue to melt on the back of the tile. Remove the foil, place a stack of heavy books on top of the area, and let sit for one hour to allow the glue to reset.

6. Sharpen your scissors

Instead of purchasing new scissors or having my scissors professionally sharpened, I can do it myself for just pennies! Just fold several layers of aluminum foil and then cut through the layers with your scissors. Works like a charm!

7. Protect steel wool

For a long time, I used one of my child’s plastic cups to store my steel wool in so that the rust would be contained. Now I know that if I place steel wool on aluminum foil then I can prevent rust from happening in the first place! This will help your steel wool last much longer.

8. Keep your iron clean

You know that sticky stuff that cakes up on the bottom of your iron over time? Inevitably that stuff comes off on my favorite shirt if I don’t get it off. To remove it, just take a piece of aluminum foil, sprinkle a little salt on top of it, and run your iron over it. The abrasive salt will get the sticky muck off.

9. Get rid of grease

This girl loves a little bacon, but I hate the grease that comes along with it. Instead of putting the grease into mason jars, or risking what it does to your plumbing—just use foil. Form a little bowl out of foil, pour your grease into it, crumple it up, and throw it out. Works like a charm and saves you cleanup time!

10. Polish your silverware

We’ve all had special occasions where we brought out the family silverware but then had to spend way too much time cleaning it. Try this method: Line a glass dish with aluminum foil, add 4 teaspoons of baking soda, add boiling water to the pan, and then place your tarnished silverware in the pan. Allow silverware to soak for 15-20 minutes, then buff with a dry cloth.
10 Frugal Ways to Use Aluminum Foil