Wax paper doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This poor, underused product sits in a kitchen drawer just waiting for it’s great moment: Cooling fresh baked goods.

Come on! It can do better than that. Wax paper is inexpensive, takes up minimal storage space and can save oodles of time when it comes to cleaning and other household tasks.



How to Unleash Your Wax Paper’s Full Potential:

  • Keep the waffle iron from sticking by placing a sheet of wax paper into the waffle iron as it heats up. The wax melts just enough to make the non-stick surface actually perform as a non-stick surface. And there’s no need to add any calories by spraying oil onto it!
  • If you have a tight-fitting door or cabinet that sticks when it closes, just rub a piece of wax paper along the edge. This creates a more slippery surface to help the door close better.
  • Tired of spending money on Swiffer sheets? Try using a sheet of wax paper instead! Dust bunnies will stick to the wax paper, and you can throw it away without feeling like you just wasted a chunk of money.
  • For those hard-to-reach shelves above kitchen cabinets, place sheets of wax paper on the top of the cabinets to catch the dust. Replace every month, and you’ll never have to dust up high with a cloth again!
  • Create a funnel for pouring salt and pepper into the shakers, or spices into matching spice jars. You can also use the funnel to put nails and other items into a jar without having to put them in one by one (or trying to pour them and ending up with half of them on the counter).
  • Make a pastry bag: Fold a sheet of wax paper at the diagonal (to double the strength and make into a triangle), then roll into a frosting bag. Tape down the side and snip a small hole at the tip to drop the decorating tip into before adding the frosting.


  • Say goodbye to stubborn zippers by smoothing some wax paper over the outer edges of the zipper teeth. This will help the zipper slide up and down much easier.
  • Slide a piece of wax paper onto the cutting board before using it to minimize cleanup. This will keep the meat juices from seeping into the grooves of the cutting board (helping to prevent foodborne illnesses)! And it makes it easy to transfer cut goods. Just lift up the wax paper, pour the contents into the dish, then throw away the paper.
  • If you’re in a pinch for an inexpensive drawer liner, use wax paper. Use some double-stick tape to keep it down at the corners (or you could even use a glue stick on the edges).
  • Rub some wax paper onto garden tools to prevent rust and to keep them clean. The waxy surface will make the dirt come off easier when it’s time to clean the tools (You will clean them again, right? Okay, maybe it’s just me who gets lazy about that).
  • I actually thought of this one just the other night (Yes, I’m excited about it!): My daughter had a birthday gift for her friend and a really cute gift bag, but we were out of tissue paper. I tore off a few sheets of wax paper and scrunched them into the bag. Super cute! Like expensive vellum, but much cheaper. And seriously, her 13-year-old friend will never notice that it’s not REAL tissue paper.
  • To prevent fingerprints from marking stainless steel appliances or chrome faucets, rub wax paper onto the surface. You’ll get a little sheen and fingerprint prevention at the same time!

This is a guest post by Renee from Scotts Valley, CA
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Wax On: More Uses for Wax Paper