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Foods That Don't Expire? Here Are 22 Items That Keep for (Almost) Ever

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It’s not often you can get away with forgetting about an item in your pantry or refrigerator without it expiring. So if you tend to purchase and forget as I do, you can rely on this list of common household items and foods that don’t expire or almost never go bad.

Make a mental note that these items either won’t ever expire or have a shelf-life of more than 10 years (when stored properly in sealed, airtight containers).

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1. You can freeze pure maple syrup to prolong its shelf life.

A person pulling a container of pure maple syrup from the freezer

Once opened, store your syrup in the fridge. It’ll still last more than a year.

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2. If kept dry, cornstarch can be used indefinitely.

A person using a measuring spoon to scoop out corn starch from a canister

3. Store tea in a cool, dark place and it will never go to waste.

A tea bag packet being pulled from a box of tea off a dark pantry shelf

High-quality black and oolong teas can last for years. Pu-erh is a particular black tea that ages well over time and can be stored indefinitely. While you can store teas for years, some for longer, most won't retain the flavor of fresh tea.

4. Instant coffee that’s stored in the freezer won’t expire for decades.

Foldgers instant coffee being pulled from a freezer

Instead of throwing out your old coffee grounds, use them in your garden.

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5. Food coloring doesn’t expire, but the color may change.

A food coloring box next to a bottle of yellow food coloring. A yellow circle is around the expiration date.

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6. Pure vanilla extract doesn’t go bad.

A person pouring a teaspoon full of pure vanilla into a mixing bowl

7. Ghee butter won’t go bad for a few years if you keep it away from your stove.

A person scooping Ghee out of its container next to a stove with a frying pan in the background.

8. Vinegar of all kinds may taste different if kept for years, but it won’t expire.

A bottle of white vinegar in a pantry
  • Balsamic vinegar can last for unlimited periods, but it’s best to use it within three to four years.

  • Apple cider vinegar is best if used within five years of opening.

  • Red and white wine is guaranteed two years, as is rice vinegar.

  • White vinegar, on the other hand, can always be used for cooking or cleaning.

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9. Vodka and other hard liquors can be enjoyed for years.

A bottle of vodka being pulled from the freezer

Not cream liqueur, though! Baileys and other Irish creams have a 2-year guarantee but should be taste-tested before being served. To keep the nice crisp taste of cream liqueur, keep it chilled in the refrigerator.

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10. Honey never expires and will last for centuries.

A person scooping honey from a honey pot with a honey stir stick

11. Bouillon cubes won’t expire for a decade if you put them in the freezer.

A person putting bullion cubes in an airtight container into a fridge.

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12. Soy sauce has indefinite shelf life if kept unopened.

A person pulling a bottle of soy sauce from the fridge

13. Powdered milk will never go bad when you keep it in the freezer.

A person holding a box of Instant nonfat dry milk next to a shelf in a pantry

14. Baking soda can be used for cleaning long after its expiration date.

A person sprinkling baking soda onto a stove

15. Store dried beans in an airtight container for three years or more.

The person pouring dried beans into a mason jar

Although we hear about them lasting forever, is it true that dried beans never go bad, like ever? When stored properly in an airtight container, dried beans can last more than three years, but they’re best eaten two to three years after drying. Once they pass that date, they may not be able to soften once soaked and may lose their vitamin benefits.

16. Freeze brown or white rice to extend its shelf life.

Rice being pulled from a freezer

Make sure no moisture gets into the container — this could cause gross and unhealthy bacteria growth.

17. Bottled water will outlast anything in your cupboard, despite the expiration date.

A person pointing to the expiration date on a bottle of water

18. High-quality wines will last for years.

A bottle of wine held next to a price tag at Costco

As for champagne, expensive bottles can last five to 10 years, while non-vintage bottles last three to four years. Once opened, champagne goes bad after two to four days.

19. Sugar won’t expire as long as it’s protected from moisture.

A person putting two large marshmallows inside a container filled with brown sugar.

20. Spices and seasonings stored in cool, dark places won’t expire for years.

A drawer filled with spice jars

I make it a rule to replace my whole spices every four years, ground spices every three to four years, and leafy herbs every one to two years. Salt, on the other hand, can last forever. But make sure to look for the non-iodized variety or it’ll only last for about five years.

21. Vitamins are safe well beyond their “best by” date.

A person pouring two vitamins from a bottle into the palm of their hand

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22. Buckwheat and hard grains will last for 12 years or more.

A bucket full of wheat

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