Couponing is a great way to try many new products. I decided to contact 10 manufacturers of specific products I buy and tell them why I love them. In addition, I  requested any manufacturer coupons they may have available for their most loyal customers. I simply Googled the product that I use such as Yoplait yogurt and was able to locate their website. Most websites have a “Contact Us” link that allows you to submit comments. I’ve listed the manufacturers who were gracious enough to respond to my email as well as their response to my comments. Overall, the response was always positive and in some instances I was provided a coupon. Ten out of the ten companies I emailed responded and I received coupons from seven. Emailing them only took me about 20 minutes and in exchange, I got stacks of savings!

What to include in your emails

Include the following when corresponding with a manufacturer regarding their products. In the emails in which I did not request a coupon, I only received a message thanking me for using their product. So, be specific in your review and in your request. Here are three pieces of information you should definitely always include:

  • Product name
  • Product review
  • Request for any available coupons

7 Companies to contact for coupons

Here are my findings. I hope they inspire you to contact these manufacturers for more savings!

1. Silk Almondmilk: The form I filled out required me to input the UPC code for the milk product I purchased. I received a $1 coupon in the mail and was informed that the offer was limited to 1 coupon per person, per year.

2. Luzianne Tea: I asked for samples, but didn’t receive any. I did, however, receive (1) $0.50 manufacturer coupon for Luzianne Tea and a very nice letter about how to make tea!

3. Nature Made Vitamins: The website featured a coupon link with (4) $1 coupons! Score! I had to set up an account in order to print them and I also signed up for the newsletter.

4. Jif To Go: Jif has a great website with lots of information, especially for kids. There was not a visible coupon link available, so I clicked the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page, sent an email regarding Jif To Go and requested coupons and samples. I also signed up for the newsletter. I received (2) $0.35 coupons for any Jif product.

5. Stouffer’s: I signed up for their Dinner Club which offers exclusive coupons and Stouffer’s information. I also clicked on “Contact Us” and sent them an email praising their lasagna and requesting any available coupons. To my delight, I received a response in three hours asking permission to post some of my comments on their Facebook page. They also notified me that I would be receiving coupons in the mail in 7-10 days! Here’s what I got: (1) $0.55 coupon for one Stouffer’s Entrée, (1) $1.00 coupon for a Stouffer’s family size meal, and (1) $1.50 coupon for a large family size or party size Stouffer’s meal.

6. Butterball: I emailed Butterball regarding their wonderful turkey bacon. I received a recipe book in the mail! I was also told that coupons are frequently released and to look for them in my community.

7. U by Kotex: I sent an email to the company, signed up for a free sample and received a $1 coupon via email today after getting a sample in the mail.

Contacting manufacturers has been an eye-opening experience for me. I signed up for newsletters from these companies for additional information regarding their products and for coupons in the future. The outcome was a great investment of my time! Twenty minutes for $10 in coupons and some valuable information about my favorite brands!

7 Companies You Should Contact for Additional Coupons