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7 Stores That Accept Paper Coupons at Curbside (And 16 That Don't)

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One good thing that came out of 2020? The widespread adoption of curbside shopping. Gone are the days when you have to drag a grumpy child through the grocery store (when they really need to be taking a nap). Now you can place your order during nap time and have someone else do the shopping and load it all into your car. But did we sacrifice our ability to use coupons at curbside pickup?

One of the downsides to curbside pickup is that the vast majority of retailers don’t allow you to use paper coupons at curbside pickup. That’s problematic, as it cuts you off from some extra valuable savings.

But there are a select few stores who actually do allow you to bring physical coupons for drive-up orders, and I’m gonna introduce you to a bunch of them today. Whether you’re staying out of the store for health reasons or convenience, these stores are the best places to score bonus curbside savings.

I’ll also introduce you to 16 other stores who don’t take paper coupons at curbside pickup. That’s not to put them totally on blast, though. The vast majority of the time, you can still use digital coupons when you shop online (including on curbside orders). And offering curbside without paper coupons is far preferable to not offering curbside at all.

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Here’s the quick list of stores that accept paper coupons at curbside pickup:

a graphic showing which stores will accept coupons at curbside pickup


1. Shoprite wins on curbside pickup because they offer special promotions and accept coupons.

the outside of a ShopRite store

One store where shopping curbside can easily save you more money is Shoprite. Not only can you clip digital coupons (these can be used in-store or online), but you’ll also have access to special online-only promotions. Just download the Shoprite app and click the “Online Promotions” icon. Here are some of the exclusive deals that recently made an appearance:

  • $5 off when you spend $30+ on select pet care products
  • $8 off when you spend $25+ on select Kimberly Clark products
  • $10 off when you spend $30+ on select Kellogg’s or Procter & Gamble products
  • $10 off when you spend $35+ on select baby products

While there is a fee for Shoprite curbside, you can dodge it by spending at least $50. That’s also the spending threshold you’ll need to meet to be eligible for the online promotions in the first place.

Not only can you access the online-only offers and digital coupons, but Shoprite also lets you use paper coupons. It’s worth mentioning you’re bringing them along when you type in your order notes. When you get to the store, remind them again before they bring your order out and they’ll process your coupons for you.

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2. Kroger Curbside (plus their whole family of stores) will take both digital and paper coupons.

A woman in her vehicle handing coupons to an employee and the fred meyer grocery pickup location

Kroger grocery pickup (formerly known as Kroger ClickList) allows you to link your Kroger loyalty card during online checkout. Any Kroger digital coupons you’ve added to your card will automatically apply to your order.

You can also present any paper coupons when a Kroger team member brings groceries to your car. You can only use one coupon per item, though, so if you have a Kroger digital coupon, you can’t stack it with a paper coupon.

TIP: Fred Meyer, part of the Kroger grocery chain, will also accept digital coupons during online checkout and paper coupons when you arrive to pick up your groceries. The same goes for any brand in the Kroger family, like King Soopers’ curbside service or Fry’s grocery pickup service.

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3. Giant curbside accepts your coupons at curbside pickup — even if they’re old-school paper ones.

Giant foods, store front with large yellow direction arrow pointing towards the store.

Giant curbside is pretty great, too. There’s no minimum order amount, and you can use both paper and digital coupons. Just make sure they know you’ve got old-school physical coupons with you before they close your order out.

At Giant, you can’t stack digital and paper coupons on a single item. You only get one coupon per item. So pick the one with a higher value — if the paper coupon is more valuable, you’ll want to manually go back into the Giant app and unclip the digital coupon. This might happen more often than you’d think, as Giant does double manufacturer coupons.

TIP: Many stores now allow you to use EBT cards for SNAP on your curbside order. Giant is one of them.

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4. Lowes Foods curbside pickup will apply your paper coupons to a future purchase.

Bags of groceries from Lowe's Foods in a vehicle trunk

Lowes Foods goes way back with their personal shopping services. They’ve offered it ever since 1997! Today’s curbside iteration is known as Lowes Food to Go, and you’ll have to pay a fee to get it. They charge either $4.95 per order or $49 per year.

They will accept digital coupons online and through their FlyBuy app during the Lowes Foods to Go checkout process. Paper coupons will be accepted when you arrive; however, they get loaded to your Lowes Foods account and applied to a future purchase — not to your current order.

Depending on the manager that day, they might allow you to call in and report the value of your coupons ahead of time. They’ll then manually deduct them as “store” coupons, even if they’re manufacturer coupons. That way you can get the same-day savings without having to wait for them to hit your account. But not every manager will give you this courtesy — they’re not obligated to, so don’t be a jerk and start demanding it if they say no. Just wait to get credit on your next grocery trip.

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5. Walmart Pickup lets you use promo codes but not coupons.

A Walmart employee loading groceries into the trunk of a vehicle parked in the Walmart Pickup spot.

Walmart pickup doesn’t take paper coupons at curbside pickup at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still save. Keep an eye out for promo codes you can apply to your order before checkout — and before you drive to the store. For example, right now Walmart Plus members can get $10 off grocery orders of $50+ using promo code WOWFRESH.

Don’t forget you can link your Ibotta account to your Walmart account and get rebates back for your grocery curbside order, too.

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6. Target curbside pickup only allows you to use digital coupons.

To use digital coupons at Target Drive Up, you’ll need to shop through the Target app. They won’t accept paper manufacturer coupons when you pick up your items, but you can still save 5% on each and every purchase by using your RedCard — curbside orders included.

TIP: These days, you can even order curbside Starbucks at Target.

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7. Meijer Pickup lets you use mPerks digital coupons, but no paper ones.

someone putting bags of items from Meijer into a trunk

When you place a Meijer pickup order, be sure to enter your mPerks member number to get digital savings during Meijer online checkout. Meijer curbside pickup won’t accept paper manufacturer coupons when you arrive to grab your groceries.

TIP: If Mejier has an offer that would give you a discount on your next order, you can’t earn it or redeem it when you make your purchase online. You’ll have to go in-store.

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8. You can claim the weekly Meal Deal and digital coupons at H-E-B curbside.

HEB grocery storefront with the word curbside and and car logo

You can use any digital coupon when placing an H-E-B curbside order. Just click the yellow “Clip” icon and it’ll come off your order total. As for paper coupons, that’s a hard no.

TIP: While you can’t use paper coupons for curbside, you can still claim the weekly Meal Deal when shopping online.


9. Publix Pickup is an expensive option — even with digital coupons.

The front of a Publix grocery store.

Although Publix has digital coupons right on their website, these particular coupons won’t link to your curbside orders, since those orders are done through Instacart. The digital coupons you see on and in the Publix app are for in-store use only.

You’ll place Publix pickup orders either through Instacart or on the Publix Delivery site or app, which is powered by Instacart, too. While both sites have their own unique digital coupons attached to products you can clip, you’ve gotta bear in mind that the base prices are usually higher on Instacart orders than if you shopped in-store. If you do want to use these special online shopping coupons, though, just look for the light red button below the product picture.

But Publix will never accept paper manufacturer coupons or paper store coupons when you pick up your items at the curbside.

TIP: A lot of the deals you see in the Publix weekly ad won’t apply to your curbside order. The one exception is BOGOs — you can pretty regularly rely on the BOGO offer coming through, even when you order online.

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10. Giant Eagle curbside only accepts digital coupons.

a Giant Eagle store front with a large banner that says "curbside pickup center

Giant Eagle does take digital coupons on curbside orders, and they’re super easy to clip while you’re shopping. If there’s one available, it will be listed right below the item in big red letters. As for paper coupons, that’s a no-go for Giant Eagle curbside orders. To use paper coupons, you have to go inside and do the shopping yourself.

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11. Home Depot curbside pickup will accept online coupons, but not paper ones.

Home Depot Curbside pickup

Home Depot curbside pickup will only permit their online coupons, special offers, and deals for curbside pickup orders. To use these, you must apply them at the time you place your order online. If there’s a promo code you want to use, you’ll have the opportunity to do that at checkout, too.

You can’t use paper manufacturer coupons on your curbside order, though. You’ll have to get out of your car to use those and check out in the store.

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12. Best Buy curbside pickup will accept online digital codes, coupons, and MyBestBuy Rewards certificates.

Curbside pickup signs in the parking lot in front of Best Buy.

When you place a Best Buy Curbside Pickup order, you can use the company’s online promo codes, digital coupons, and your MyBestBuy Rewards certificates during checkout.

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13. Lowe’s curbside pickup allows digital promo codes, but no paper coupons.

man holding photo id and cellphone with lowes scan barcode

Lowe’s Pickup will let you apply digital promo codes to your order. Just click on an item that displays a Lowe’s digital promo code, and the savings will automatically apply to your online cart. No paper manufacturer coupons will be accepted during pickup, though.

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14. Albertsons grocery pickup will allow digital “just for U” offers, but not physical coupons.

Albertsons grocery pickup orders can be placed either online at or with the Albertsons Delivery & Pickup app. When placing your Albertsons curbside order, you can save with “just for U” coupon codes during checkout.

If your physical manufacturer’s coupon has a promo code listed in the fine print, you can use that when you’re checking out digitally. But as far as handing your paper coupon to someone when you pull up — that won’t fly.

TIP: Randalls curbside has a similar policy and also uses the just for U platform.

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15. PetSmart curbside pickup allows website promo codes and Treat points, but paper coupons are for inside.

a car parked in the curbside pickup parking spot outside of PetSmart

When placing a PetSmart curbside pickup order on, you can use promotional codes and PetSmart Treats points. Petsmart does let you stack coupon codes, so while you can’t use paper coupons for your furry friend at curbside, look to see if there’s a promo code listed in the fine print. If there is, you should be able to use that code during online checkout when you place your curbside order.

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16. Find your physical JoAnn coupon and use the promo code at curbside.

Joann fabric and crafts store, store front

When you place a Joann curbside pickup order, you can apply a Joann digital coupon during checkout. Unfortunately, the craft store will not take any paper coupons at curbside pickup. But don’t stress. Unless it’s an in-store-only offer, printed Joann coupons have a promo code listed in the fine print.

For example, right now you can use code 30ONLINESAVE to get 30% off your regular-price items without using the paper coupon. Find those codes and apply them at checkout and you’re set!

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17. Sally Beauty curbside pickup only allows digital coupons.

Sally beauty supply store front sign

Sally Beauty curbside pickup will only let you apply digital coupons to your order. Look for exclusive offers and savings with Sally Beauty Rewards as well.

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18. Sam’s Club doesn’t take coupons ever, but you can get Instant Savings on Curbside.

Person in their car holding a phone.

Coupons aren’t a thing at Sam’s Club. Even if you go inside. But as long as the item is listed as an eligible “Pick Up” item, all Instant Savings will automatically apply whether you shop in-person or via a Sam’s Club curbside order.

TIP: There is a $4 fee for curbside services unless you’re a Plus member.

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19. Walgreens Curbside takes paperless coupons only.

A curbside pickup sign outside of Walgreens that reads, "Reserved Curbside Pickup. Tap 'I'm here' in your email or text

Womp womp. You can’t use paper coupons with Walgreens curbside, which is a major downer because you can get tons of stuff for free (or next-to-nothing) when you stack manufacturer coupons with store offers. The Walgreens coupon policy is a beautiful thing, but you’re gonna have to head inside to take full advantage of it.

TIP: Curbside comes with a $10 order minimum. You won’t be charged a fee if your order is less — you just won’t be able to place the order at all.

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20. Use in-app coupons for Whole Foods curbside orders. No paper.

Like so many other stores, you can use in-app coupons to save on your Whole Foods curbside order, but paper coupons are reserved for in-store use.

TIP: Whole Foods can get pricey. Here are some Whole Foods savings hacks that actually work.

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