Randalls Curbside Pickup


Don't want to step inside a grocery store? With Randalls grocery pickup being totally free and really easy, and Randalls coupons being available through their loyalty program, you don't have to.

Placing an order for grocery pickup is easy through the Randalls Delivery and Pickup app. Here's everything you need to know about ordering grocery pickup from Randalls.

Your Guide to Randalls Grocery Pickup:

Use a Randalls Drive Up & Go Promo Code to save $20 on your first online order.

Through Dec. 31, 2021, use the coupon/promo code below to save $20 off an order over $75.

  • SAVE20 will get you $20 off $75 as well — plus a waived delivery fee (exact fee varies) if you decide to go that route instead of pickup.

  • To find more ways to save, download the KCL app.

Get the most savings with Randalls' just for U program.

Just for U reward program screenshot.

One of the best things about Randalls' just for U program is that it sends you personalized deals and coupons based on your order history.

You'll know if it's a just for U deal because of the red and yellow "U" logo in the upper left-hand corner and the horizontal "Clip Coupon" button below the item.

Using your digital coupon is super easy — just click the "Clip Coupon" button. The tap of the finger is literally easier than actually cutting out a paper coupon!

For even more sales and coupons, don't forget to check out the app's deals page.

First things first, download the Randalls app. For general store sales and coupons, tap on the "just for U" icon on the bottom menu bar, then tap the "New Deals" page on the top menu bar (between "Category" and "Expiring soon"). There, you'll find promo codes for certain items (you can top on an item to see its aisle/category), items with special club card pricing, and BOGO offers. Here's an example of a recent BOGO deal I found:

Buy 1 7-ounce LALA Yogurt Smoothie (reg. $0.98) Buy 1 7-ounce bottle, Get 1 free Final Price: $0.98 for two or $0.49 each

PRO TIP: Don't forget to check Randalls' weekly ad online to see if there are any special offers on items you want to add to your cart.

Can I stack coupons with an order?

Unfortunately, Randalls' coupon policy doesn't allow coupon stacking, but you can use coupons for different items plus a promo code at checkout. Speaking of promo codes…

You can use rebate apps to save even more on your grocery pickup order.

The checkout 51 app, with a deal for dryer sheets open and a grocery list on the table behind it.
  • Checkout 51: Checkout 51

    is currently accepting all Randalls e-receipts for their rebates. You can see a list of Checkout 51's Randalls coupons and offers here.

  • Fetch Rewards: You can earn points by uploading your receipt to the

    Fetch Rewards app. Accumulated points can be exchanged for a Safeway gift card — 5,000 points equal $5.

  • Ibotta: Ibotta does cash back on a ton of Randalls items, but just started accepting e-receipts in early April in certain markets. Before then, Ibotta's cash-back program was limited to in-store purchases, because you needed a paper receipt to scan for cash back.

Get free plastic reusable bags with your Randalls order.

plain plastic bags with items in them sit on a front porch

You know those nice thick plastic bags you can buy at Target? Welp, now Randalls is putting your pickup items in similar bags and not charging you a cent (or $0.05 – $0.10, the going rate per bag.) I got ten free bags ($0.50- $1.00 value) that I will definitely be using for wet bathing suits, cleaning up after the dog, picking apples, you name it! I don't know if every store is doing this, but I imagine so, since they won't let you bring your own bags and it's not fair to charge.

Here's how to order grocery pickup through the Randalls app:

Step 1: Download the Randalls Delivery & Pickup app.

Randalls app screenshot

You can't order online through the traditional Randalls app. Instead, download the "Delivery & Pickup" app (pictured above) to order groceries for delivery or pickup.

Delivery & Pickup app for iPhone:

Delivery & Pickup app for Android:

Step 2: Create your just for U account and log in to start shopping.

If you don't already have an account with Randalls, you'll want to create a just for U account now, because you can browse items as a guest but won't be able to check out unless you have an account set up.

If you have an account with Randalls but don't think your email is attached to it, you can link your email to your Randalls loyalty card. Then, simply log in to the app using the same email and password you created when you registered your account.

Step 3: Once you're logged in to the Delivery & Pickup Randalls app, search for the store closest to you.

Simply type in your zip code or share your location with the app, and you're in. You can also manually select your preferred store if it's not the Randalls location closest to you.

Step 4: If you really need or want an item, allow for substitutions.

It's common — especially now — for certain grocery store items to be out of stock of certain items. If you're not super picky about having a particular brand of something, make sure to uncheck the "No substitution if unavailable" box.

What's nice about the substitution feature in the Randalls app is that it's per item, rather than for the order as a whole. I know that there are certain brands and items I'm partial to and like that I have the option to select "no substitution" just for those items while leaving the rest of my cart open to other subs.

If the store is out of an item, you won't be charged for it. But keep in mind that you will be charged for your replacements, and in some cases the new item might be more expensive.

PRO TIP: The "aisle categories" in the app is not an exhaustive list of all their in-stock items. If you're looking for something specific, type it into the search bar.

Step 5: Choose your Randalls grocery pickup hour.

Slots for a Randalls pickup are much easier to get than delivery times. I find there are often same-day windows available, although it's reasonable to expect you may have to wait until the next day if the store is busy or you place your order in the afternoon. Each window is one-hour long, allowing for flexibility for both the store and you.

Keep in mind that orders are final. You can't modify your order through Randalls Delivery & Pickup app at all after you place it.

Step 6: Before you pay, double-check your grocery cart.

Make sure you have selected or unselected the no-substitution button on every item, and that the order will be placed with your preferred store location.

Step 7: Place your order and follow along with text updates.

Once you pay with your credit or debit card, Randalls will send you text updates straight to your phone when your order's ready.

Step 8: Find the designated pickup parking spots and call the number on the sign.

Randalls has special grocery pickup spaces in their parking lot. There will be a plaque with a number on it as well. Call that number to alert the store you are there for your pickup order.

Step 9: Pop your trunk or open your back doors for the store associate.

A vehicle parked with their drunk open in front of the "Drive up & go" store entrance at Albertsonsons.

That way, they can load your groceries — and the experience will truly be sans any questionable contact. Now it's time to head home and put those groceries away!

Top 10 Randalls Grocery Pickup FAQ

1. Are Randalls weekly ad deals available at Drive-Up grocery pickup?

As long as you are logged in to your account, you will automatically see Club Card pricing on items and deals from Randalls' weekly ad.

Don't forget to check out your just for U rewards and the "deals" tab in the app for extra coupons and promotions.

2. Does Randalls accept paper coupons at Drive-Up grocery pickup?

Because the order is already placed, the transaction finalized, and receipt printed, Randalls will not accept any additional coupons upon pickup.

3. Can I get my club prices with Randalls grocery pickup?

Yes! You will see club card pricing for eligible items when logged in to the Randalls grocery pickup apps.

4. Can I pay for my Randalls Drive-Up grocery pickup order with a discounted gift card?

While Randalls accepts gift cards for in-store shopping, customers cannot currently pay for online orders with a gift card.

5. Does Randalls price match competitors for grocery pickup orders?

Randalls doesn't price match competitors in store or online.

6. Can I purchase alcohol through Randalls grocery pickup?

Yes you can. Just make sure someone at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID is in the car.

7. Can you use EBT for Randalls online orders?

Unfortunately, Randalls only accepts EBT in-store only.

8. How long will Randalls hold your pickup order?

According to Randalls' terms and conditions, grocery pickup orders not claimed by 8 p.m. local time on the scheduled day will be canceled. You will be refunded for your order, but since the items will need to be restocked, there's fine print that says the grocery store reserves "the right to charge a restocking fee for orders that are restocked." I doubt they'd do it, but good to know.

9. Can someone else pick up my Randalls grocery pickup order?

Yes, as long as they have the correct full name on the order as well as the order number.

10. Should I tip the person who helped load the groceries into my car?

Randalls grocery pickup program isn't done by a third party but by store employees, and they cannot accept tips.