Meijer Pickup


What used to be called Meijer curbside pickup is now just called Meijer pickup. While the name may be different, the features of the service remain pretty great. If you've used Meijer pickup, you know what I'm talking about. For everyone who hasn't tried this convenient service, you're missing out! Luckily, I've got the scoop on what you need to know before shopping.

How does Meijer pickup work?

Meijer employee placing Meijer pickup order into car trunk

To order Meijer pickup, place your order at or through the Meijer app. Log in and add items to your cart. Once you're ready to checkout, follow these few steps:

  • Select your pickup day and time

  • Enter pickup person and vehicle info

  • Add payment information

  • Tap 'Review,' then 'Place Order'

Crazy as it sounds, your shopper could be either a Shipt shopper or a Meijer team member (more on how you'll know in the next tip). If your shopper is a Shipt shopper, they'll text or call you when they begin shopping your order and about possible substitutions.

On the other hand, if your shopper is a Meijer team member, you won't receive a text or call when they begin your order or regarding any substitutions (they'll review any substitutions they made when they come out to your vehicle).

Either a Shipt shopper or a Meijer team member will shop your order.

Meijer is phasing out the use of Shipt shoppers for pickup orders. During this transition, your shopper could either be a Meijer team member or a Shipt shopper. You can also ask Meijer customer care at (877) 363-4537 to find out who does pickup orders at your local store.

Earn and redeem mPerks for Meijer pickup.

One of the benefits of mPerks is you can earn rewards like: "$3 off your next shopping trip when you spend $150 in total purchase." The $150 is cumulative, so it can be earned over several purchases. Meijer pickup allows you to earn and use your mPerks rewards on your pickup order just like in store. If you're not a mPerks member, you can join the free mPerks loyalty program.

Clip digital coupons before you shop for Meijer pickup.

Two screens showing coupons in the Meijer digital app.

You can't use paper coupons for Meijer pickup, so you'll need to clip your Meijer digital coupons while you shop online or in the app for grocery pickup. Don't worry, they'll automatically apply to your cart during checkout.

Enjoy in-store promotions and zero markups with Meijer pickup.

Meijer doesn't raise their online prices or exclude in-store promotions from pickup or delivery orders, unlike some other stores. Meijer offers their online shoppers the same in-store prices, plus in-store promotions like: 10 for $10 or Buy 5, Save $5. They also do exclusive Meijer online promos like: $5 off when you spend $20 on Lindt chocolates.

Meijer pickup is $4.95 or free for orders over $35.

Meijer pickup orders under $35 (regardless of your shopper) will have a $4.95 fee; otherwise, pickup is free for orders of $35 and over.

Meijer pickup hours can vary.

Although pickup is offered seven days a week, pickup hours may vary. Find your nearest Meijer that offers pickup and their pickup hours.


1. Can I tip my Meijer pickup shopper?

If your shopper is a Shipt shopper, yes you can tip one of two ways. Meijer will send you an email after your grocery delivery is completed, from which you can tip and rate your shopper. Or, you can log in to your account, tap 'Order History', click on the order and enter your tip.

2. How soon can I get my Meijer pickup?

Depending on pickup time availability, you may be able to pick up your groceries as soon as an hour.

3. Can someone else pick up my Meijer pickup order?

Yes, you can designate someone else to pick up your Meijer order during checkout. If you buy alcohol, they'll need to provide a valid ID.

4. Are there any items I can't order through Meijer pickup?

Yes, you can't order prescriptions, lottery tickets, tobacco, propane tanks, cell phones, prepaid minute cards, fireworks, hunting and ammunition online.