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38 Retail Stores Now Offering Curbside Pickup

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If you’re practicing social distancing, curbside pickup is probably your new BFF. Since the pandemic began, retailers have been scrambling to get up to speed on this feature in order to encourage shoppers to keep coming back.

Plus, curbside pickup is a sweet option for shopping Black Friday from home. You’ll get the best of both worlds — online shopping plus avoiding shipping fees.

Let’s take a look at the retail stores that bring the convenience of curbside pickup straight to your car.

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First, what is curbside pickup?

Walmart employee loading up a van with curbside pickup items.

Curbside pickup is a feature many stores offer so you don’t have to get out of your car and go in store to pick up your order. It’s contactless and always free, so it’s an economical alternative to paying for shipping or delivery. Plus, you get your order sooner than if the store shipped it to you. In many cases, you can get your purchase the same day you placed an order.

Just shop online and select curbside pickup at checkout. The store will notify you over email (or sometimes text) when your item is ready and when you can head over to the store.

You’ll inform the store you’ve arrived by calling or texting a certain phone number, listed in the order pickup parking stalls in the store parking lot. In some cases, you’ll use that specific store’s app to inform them you’ve arrived.

Then you just pop your trunk and they put your order in there for you.


1. Sam’s Club has simple curbside grocery pickup.

Sams club store front

Club Pickup, Sam’s Club’s curbside pickup option, uses the popular process of shopping online, waiting for a notification, and heading to the store. There’s no minimum in terms of spend threshold , meaning even if you’re just trying to restock on coffee, your order will be free for pickup. Some Sam’s Club stores even have specialized Drive Thru areas to further streamline the curbside pickup process.

If you place your order before 3 p.m. and it’s less than 10 items, you can get it the same day.

Non-members shop online at and pick up for free, too!

Either way, Sam’s Club workers will still need the order number and an ID, so have your confirmation email ready on your smart phone or print it out before you go.


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2. Michaels brings your crafts to the curb.

Michaels curbside pickup sign in front of store

While it can be tempting to have another Netflix marathon, now’s a perfect time to finally finish knitting that sweater you started 10 years ago. Keep in mind that Michaels curbside pickup only lasts until 6 p.m. (unless your store closes earlier), after which you’ll need to grab your order inside the store itself.


3. Get your mask-making supplies curbside at JOANN Fabric.

Joann fabrics and crafts store front with curbside pickup sign

Like Michaels, JOANN Fabric offers free curbside pickup for orders.

Once you get the email saying your order is ready for pickup, park your car in the JOANN parking lot, call the store and give them your order number, make and model of your car and then get ready to wait. Because this isn’t a digital process, JOANN orders take a while to fulfill curbside.


4. Save 10% with Petco’s Curbside Pickup.

Petco store front

PetCo’s curbside pickup option is just as beneficial to your wallet as to your pets. When you select the “I’ll Pick It Up” option while ordering, you save 10% on your whole order.

Wait for the email notification informing you that your order is ready and then drive to store, park in a designated curbside pickup slot and call the number listed. An associate will bring your order to your car.


5. And then get another 15% off when you use Petsmart curbside pickup.

Petsmart store front

Not to be outdone by Petco, Petsmart offers 15% off your order when you pick it up curbside or in store.

Order online, call when you get to the store and press “0.” When an associate answers, give them the model and color of your vehicle and be ready to show your ID. Then open your trunk and wait in your car.



6. Get Dick’s Sporting Goods products in one click.

Dicks sporting goods store front with curbside pickup sign

With Dick’s Sporting Goods innovative and quick curbside pickup option, you can get your item an hour after ordering and paying online. Tap the “I’m Curbside” link in your order confirmation email when you pull up curbside. An employee will bring your stuff out and put it in your trunk for you.

“Contactless Curbside” is available seven days a week until 6 p.m.


7. The Container Store offers contactless curbside pickup.

The container store order pickup

The Container Store has a curbside pickup option that’s easy to use. Just place your order online and head to the store when you receive the email stating it’s time to come pick up your order. Tap the link in the email to let the store know you’ve arrived.

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8. Take control with Target’s Drive Up option.

Target’s Drive Up curbside pickup option is organized through the Target app. Shop and pay in the app, keep an eye out for a notification that your order is ready, tap when you’re heading to the store, and park in a designated Drive Up spot. When the Target employee comes out, hold your phone with the app open to your confirmation number up to the window and pop your trunk. They will load you up and off you go. Simple as that.


9. Keep an eye on Kohl’s new Drive Up service.

Kohls store drive up order pickup sign

Kohl’s Store Drive Up hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Just shop on, select “Free Store Pickup” or “Drive Up” at checkout, wait for an order confirmation email, and check in through the email you received once you’ve arrived at the curb in front of the store.

If you place an order before 2 p.m., it’ll be ready within two hours.

Keep in mind that if you’re sending someone else to pick up your order, you’ll need to include their email information on the Pickup Option section at checkout, as a confirmation email is required for pickup.


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10. Restock your electronics with Best Buy without leaving the car.

Best buy store front with curbside pickup sign.

Order online at Best Buy, and make sure you have your local store selected. Once you’re done selecting your items, choose the Curbside Pickup option on the Review and Place Your Order section. Once your order is ready, all you need to do is park, notify the store, and open your trunk. Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring both a photo ID and the credit card used for purchase.

Most items are ready within one hour.


11. JCPenney gives you same day curbside pickup.

JCPenny store front with curbside pickup sign

JCPenney has launched their curbside delivery and it’s available at all stores now.

In fact, if you place your order before 3 p.m., you can pick your order up that same day.



12. Revitalize your home office with Office Depot curbside pickup.

Office Depot Store Front

If you’re working from home and have to restock supplies, you’ll need a quick trip to Office Depot. In addition to the company’s in-store pickup, Office Depot and OfficeMax offer an option to simply click “I’m Curbside” in your online order confirmation email for delivery directly to your parking spot.


13. Or go with Staples curbside instead.

Staples Store front

Staples is still offering same-day pickup on select items. Just place your order at and call before you get to the store to tell them you’d like to pick up your order curbside.

Someone will bring your order to your car.


14. Get your jigsaw puzzle at Barnes & Noble’s curbside pickup.

Barnes and Nobel store front with curbside pickup sign

Barnes & Noble will bring your online order out to your car. After you place your order, wait for the email telling you your order is ready. Once you get the go-ahead, park in the store’s parking lot and call the store to tell them your car’s make and model and your order number.


15. Avoid shipping charges — use Big Lots curbside pickup.

Shop and you can avoid paying the minimum $59 to get free shipping. Look for items that you can’t find at Walmart. People don’t think of Big Lots as often as they think of the larger grocery stores.


16. Lowe’s is offering curbside pickup at select locations.

Lowe's curbside pickup parking spots in front of the Lowe's store.

Once you add the item or items you want to your cart, you can select “Free Store Pickup” at checkout. You will get an email to confirm when your order is ready. Park in a designated pickup parking spot, call the store and show them your ID. A sales associate will put the items you ordered in your trunk for you.


17. Get your hardware materials with Ace curbside.

Outside of an Ace hardware store 2020

If you’re looking to complete a DIY project while you’re cooped up at home, you’ll want to take advantage of Ace Hardware curbside pickup. Just complete your online order, head to your location, and call the store for an Ace employee to bring out your order.



18. Restock ULTA beauty supplies without getting out of the car.

Ulta store front

When you shop online or through the app, you can take advantage of ULTA curbside pickup. Just choose the “Pickup” option during online shopping and look out for an email when your order is ready.

Once your order is ready, drive up, call the store, and either pop your trunk or unlock your backseat.


19. Pick up your Nordstrom order without going into the store.

Nordstrom store front

Choose the “Curbside Pickup” option when shopping online to take advantage of Nordstrom curbside pickup. You will get a notification once your order is ready. Once you arrive, either call the location or tap “I’m here” in the Nordstrom app and an employee will bring your order directly to your vehicle.


20. Use Instacart for your ALDI curbside order.

Depending on your location, you can take advantage of ALDI curbside pickup through Instacart. When you place your online order, you have the option to choose your location and pickup window of time. Once your groceries are ready, just head over to a blue curbside space and wait for an employee to bring out your order.


21. Grab groceries curbside with Publix.

Publix store front.

Like ALDI, Publix curbside pickup is done through Instacart. Simply place your grocery order online, select a time for pickup, and drive to a designated spot once your order is ready. Call the store number on the sign, give them your name, and an employee will come to your car with your order.


22. Safeway keeps your curbside order simple.

The exterior of a Safeway store

Shop online or through the app for Safeway curbside pickup. After you’ve chosen your pickup time, drive over to the store once your order is ready and call for an employee to bring out your groceries.


23. Schedule out your Kroger curbside order.

A woman on her phone sitting in a Fred Meyer grocery pickup spot.

When you check out online, you can schedule Kroger curbside pickup up to a week in advance.

Once the order is ready, just drive up to the designated spot and call the posted number.


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24. Pencil in a pickup time for your Walmart order.

worker puts groceries in a shoppers trunk at walmart

Order groceries online through or the app and select “Reserve a Time Slot” to choose your pickup time. You’ll receive a text when your order is prepared. You just need to check in with the app when you’re on your way and park around the orange signs.


25. Pick up your Whole Foods order through Amazon Prime.

Make sure to check the Whole Foods website to see if your local store offers grocery pickup. If it does, order your groceries through Amazon Prime and select “Change to Pickup” before completing your order. Choose a pickup time, head over to a Pickup spot once your groceries are ready, and an employee will load your items into your vehicle.


26. Order two hours before close for same-day curbside at Gap.

A shelf filled with in-store pick up bags, under a sign that reads gap pick up in store.

Courtesy of Gap

You can get Gap curbside pickup in select stores every day until two hours before the store closes. Just order online, select “Curbside Pickup,” and you’ll get an email when it’s time to head to the store. Once you’re at the location, call the number from your email and pop your trunk.

The store will have your order ready within two hours as long as you place your order two hours or more before close.


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27. Get your buybuy Baby order within two hours.

buybuy Baby store exterior

Choose your eligible items through the app or website for buybuy BABY curbside pickup and designate your store at checkout. You should get an email or text notification within two hours when your order is ready. Once you arrive, call the store for Contactless Curbside and an employee will bring out your items.


28. Get GNC curbside pickup over the phone.

Unlike most stores, GNC store pickup is done exclusively over the phone. First, you’ll need to find your closest GNC store. After you’ve made your order over the phone, simply drive up to your location and the items will be brought out by a team member.


29. Get your game on with GameStop pickup.

Gamestop store front

For GameStop store pickup, you just need to order your new video game or console online and choose “Pick Up at Store” at checkout. Once your order is ready, you’ll receive an email notification. Make sure you have your email confirmation ready to show the store associate, who will meet you at the door once you arrive and call.


30. Order before 4 p.m. for same-day DSW pickup.

DSW store front

When you begin planning for DSW curbside pickup, make sure to filter your items with “Get It Today” to see what is available. Select “Pick-Up” with your order and check out. When your order is ready, you’ll receive an email. Pull up to the designated area and call the store number on the sign for a DSW employee with protective gloves to bring out your items.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning on same-day curbside pickup, you’ll need to place your order before 4 p.m.



31. Choose curbside or drive-thru with CVS.

CVS store with drive-thru pharmacy sign

In order to prepare your CVS curbside pickup order, you’ll need to call your closest CVS location with the extension 8404. The store has released a list of available items available for curbside pickup. After you’ve completed your order with an employee, you will be contacted through text or email once your order is ready. Simply head to the drive-thru or call once you’re curbside within 24 hours of your order.


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32. Bring your ID for your Kmart pickup order.

Kmart exterior and parking lot

Make sure to select “Free Store Pickup” when you’re shopping for Kmart curbside pickup. After you place your order, you will receive an email notification. Head to the location, park close to the entrance, and call the store. Don’t forget to have your confirmation email and photo ID ready at pickup.


33. Make sure your Costco order is eligible for pickup.

Costco store front

Shop eligible items through for store pickup. Keep in mind that only the person who completed the order can complete the pickup, and you must have a photo ID available.


34. Shop online and pick up your order at Home Depot.

Home Depot Curbside pickup

If you’re planning on Home Depot curbside pickup, simply choose “Store Pickup” while shopping online and keep an eye out for a text or email notification for when the order is ready to be picked up. Drive to the store’s Curbside Pickup area, call the number from your notification, and an employee will bring out your items. Keep in mind you need identification for your curbside pickup.


35. Get your Bed Bath & Beyond order delivered straight to your trunk.

Bed Bath & Beyond store front with Curbside pickup sign.

Shop online through the Bed Bath & Beyond website or app to select available Store Pickup items. During checkout, select your store and look for a confirmation email or text within two hours. Once you arrive, call the store and pop your trunk for an employee to bring out your order.


36. Double-check your location before you choose Macy’s curbside.

Macy's store front with curbside pickup signs

Make sure your local store is offering Macy’s curbside pickup before you shop online. When your order is ready, an email will give you details on where to park and the number to call to notify the store. If you’re planning on picking up on the same day, make sure you complete your order before 12 p.m.


37. Get your order contact-free at World Market.

World Market store front with customer curbside pickup sign

When you’re shopping through the, choose “Free Pick Up Curbside” and choose your closest location. After you receive your confirmation email, drive to the store and call the number from the notification.


38. Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop

Cabela's store front with curbside pickup sign

Shop on or and they will email you when your order is ready. You just need to pull into the designated “Curbside Pickup” parking spot and call the number listed on your email.



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