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Kroger pickup (previously called “Kroger Clicklist,” ignore me if I slip back into calling it this), is a great way to save on groceries because you can use coupons and take advantage of Kroger cash back offers — all while avoiding going into the store. The result? Convenience — plus savings!

This tutorial works for the whole Kroger family of stores. So even if you don’t have a Kroger near you, I’m sure you have a Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, or Smith’s.

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Kroger Clicklist is free if you spend at least $35.


The typical Kroger Clicklist fee is $4.95. But you’ll only be charged that amount if you don’t spend at least $35 in groceries. Which, let’s be honest, is hard to do. I always spend at least that much at the grocery store.


Redeem Ibotta and Checkout 51 offers (and more) for extra savings.

Kroger page pulled up on the ibotta app

You’ll get a traditional receipt from Kroger, so you should have no problem using it for all of these rebate apps.

  • Ibotta
  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards: You’ll get points just for uploading your receipt, and Fetch Rewards will automatically add more points if you bought brands they’re currently offering bonus points for.
  • Makeena: Redeem rebate offers on eligible brands
  • Coupons.com
  • Shopkick: Earn “kicks” or points that translate into gift cards. You can also earn kicks by scanning products in store that you don’t intend to buy.


Don’t want to leave the house? Use Kroger Delivery instead.

Heather looking at kroger products

Kroger Delivery is handled by Instacart, and while I normally don’t think Instacart is a very good deal because of their markup, Kroger Delivery is a sort of hybrid where you’re not paying extra for the groceries like you do sometimes with Instacart.

You’ll pay a flat rate of $9.95 for Kroger Delivery, and there’s really no free option like there is with Kroger Clicklist.

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If your items are out of stock, Kroger will give you an upgrade.

person holding two bags of broccoli

If one of the items you ordered is out of stock, a Kroger associate will replace it with the same item in a larger quantity, according to their policy. If that brand isn’t available, they’ll replace it with a similar or better product and sell it to you for the original, lower price.

When you arrive at the Kroger Clicklist pickup, the associate will make sure you approve any exchanges before you pay.


Kroger store employees don’t accept tips, which saves you 5 – 10% over Instacart or Shipt.

Person holding cash outside a car door

Unlike stores that use Instacart (Publix, Aldi) and Shipt to power their curbside pickup, Kroger doesn’t accept tips for grocery pickup services. This saves you money!


Make sure you’re looking at the correct weekly sale cycle.

person placing groceries in the back of a white van for customer grocery pickup.

Kroger’s weekly sale cycle is Wednesday through Tuesday every week, so sale prices on Wednesdays reflect the new week’s sales.

Be aware that Kroger Clicklist pricing is finalized when you pick up your order, not when you place it. If you place your order on a Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday pickup, you might be surprised by items you thought were on sale not actually being on sale. If you’re placing your order on Wednesday or later, be sure to pick it up before Tuesday of the following week.


How does Kroger pickup work?

Kroger grocery employee picking up groceries to place in customers open trunk.

Here’s the quick and dirty on Kroger grocery pickup, then I’ll follow up with more details.

  1. Place an order through the Kroger app or Kroger.com.
  2. Choose your pickup day and a 1-hour arrival time slot.
  3. Add items to your online cart.
  4. Load any applicable digital coupons.
  5. After you place your order, you can modify it (add or delete items) until 11:59 p.m. the day before your pickup.
  6. Arrive at Kroger within your 1-hour window, follow the instructions on the sign in your parking stall and pop your trunk, then get back into your car. An associate will come out and load your groceries for you.
  7. Place your Kroger pickup order up to three days in advance.


Step 1: Download the Kroger app.

Kroger app download page on an iphone.

If you don’t want to use the Kroger app, you can place your order at Kroger.com, too.


Step 2: Reserve your pickup slot and choose a time.

Kroger app screen shots displaying pickup time openings.

You can either start your grocery order by reserving a pickup slot, or you can do all your shopping and choose a slot when you’re done instead. If you live in an area where pickup slots are difficult to secure, start your Kroger order with a shopping list in hand and reserve a time slot before you shop.

The app will automatically try to match you with the closest store based on your current location, but if you want a different store, you can change it.


Step 3: Add items to your cart and load coupons to your account.

Kroger app screen shots displaying digital coupons

You’ll see two ways to do this. First, you can browse coupons and click through a coupon to find the qualifying item and add it to your cart, along with the coupon.

Or shop for items in the app and look for the dotted line and coupon wording like “Save $1 on 2,” saying there’s a coupon available on that item.


Step 4: Confirm that you’re OK with substitutions.

iphone the kroger app displaying substitution options.

Kroger’s default setting is to check the “Allow Substitutions” box for you, which means you allow substitutions on everything. Go through the list and uncheck any items where a substitution wouldn’t be acceptable.

If an item isn’t available and you didn’t allow substitutions for it, you won’t get anything and you won’t be charged.


Step 5: Add additional items to your order until 11:59 p.m. the day before your pickup.

A woman loads none perishable foods on to the shelves in a pantry.

For example, if your reservation is for Friday, 10 – 11 a.m., you can make changes until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday.

To modify your order:

  1. Tap “Add items to pending order”
  2. Tap “Modify this order” or “Add to order now”
  3. Tap “Add items to order”
  4. Select items
  5. Tap “Submit changes”


Step 6: Pick up your order.


When your pickup hour begins, the Kroger app starts tracking your location so they know when you’ve arrived. When you get to the store, call the number on the sign in front of the parking stall you choose and follow the instructions.

Open your trunk and a Kroger associate will load your groceries for you.



Step 7: Hand over any paper coupons.

Person holding coupon while inside a car

If you have paper coupons, give them to the person loading your groceries. They’ll take the coupons into the store and scan them. Next, they’ll bring you a revised receipt. Expect this to take a hot minute longer than it would without coupons.

Also, any digital coupons you applied to your order won’t show up when you check out online. Instead, the coupon discounts come off the total when you pick up your groceries. Don’t forget to get your paper receipt if you want to use it to redeem rebate offers.


Kroger Pickup FAQ:

1. Will my paper coupon still apply if the item gets substituted for a different brand?

No. If the coupon doesn’t apply to the new item, you won’t be able to use it. If you only want the item because you can use a coupon for it, uncheck the “Allow Substitutions” box when you place your order. That way, if your item’s brand isn’t in stock, they won’t give you an alternate brand as a substitute.

2. What happens if I’m getting items that are part of a Mega Sale and they’re substituted or out of stock?

If you’re trying to get extra savings by taking advantage of a Mega Sale — “Buy five items to get $5 off,” for example — but you can’t get those exact items, substitutions won’t apply toward the Mega Sale deal.

3. What if I don’t like the substitutions Kroger makes?

When the Kroger associate arrives at your car, they’ll review substitutions with you. If you don’t approve of the substitutes, you can refuse them and the associate will revise your total. If you get home and decide you don’t want the substitutions the store made, you can return your items at customer service inside the store.

4. Does Kroger pickup accept EBT?

Kroger accepts credit or debit cards, along with SNAP EBT benefits. You just can’t pay with cash at pickup.

5. Can I buy alcohol with Kroger grocery pickup?

Yes, just bring your government-issued ID and show it to your Kroger associate.

6. How do I know the quality of my meat and produce will be as good as if I chose it myself?

Under each item you add to your order in the Kroger app, you can add notes or special instructions. If you are picky about apples, for example, ask the shopper to double check for no bruises.

7. I don’t have Kroger but I have Fred Meyer (or Fry’s, or Ralph’s, or Smith’s, or any other Kroger sister store). Is the grocery pickup process the same?

Yes! Kroger has done a good job of creating a seamless grocery pickup experience across all of their sister stores. Apply these instructions to your local Fred Meyer store, even if it’s not called Kroger.

8. What if I can’t pick up my order during the hour I reserved?

Your order will be canceled and restocked. You won’t be charged.

How to Use Kroger Grocery Pickup (Formerly Kroger Clicklist)