Many of you have told us that when you try to print coupons from your phone and your computer, you only get a print limit of two coupons instead of four.


Wait what? What’s going on here?


It’s true. is changing.

In October 2016, announced they will be doing away with their coupon printing software.

You know, the software you had to previously download in order to print anything from

The printer was designed to track who was printing coupons, which coupons you printed, and how many coupons had been printed so as not to exceed print limits.

But the coupon printing software didn’t work for everyone; some devices were not able to download the printer at all, and some people reported the printer had a negative effect on their computer when it was installed. (And have you ever tried to uninstall that thing?! Talk about a pain.)

To combat these issues, decided to do away with their iconic coupon printer and move to their new Print Verification system of verification.


Now you’ll need to enter your phone number in order to print coupons.

Print Verification uses your cell phone to authenticate your print request, bypassing the need for the coupon printer software altogether.

The website also echoes the new changes: “By using the Print Verification method, you will no longer be required to download the Coupon Printer software. When you first want to print or you are prompted to upgrade to the Print Verification method, you simply need to provide your mobile phone number and will receive a one-time verification code via a text message. In addition, you can print your coupons on any printer (wireless or wired connection) using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Coupon printing is now fast and easy.”

You can continue to skip the option to enter your phone number, but you should know that in the near future, all coupon printing software will be discontinued and you’ll have no option but to enter your phone number into the Print Verification system.

The only notice you’ll get is the prompt on your device that will no longer allow you to skip the process.

Obviously, the drawback is that you can only print two coupons per registered and valid cell phone number.

The website says: “New users will print exclusively via our phone number authentication process. The coupon printer software link will no longer appear in the new user print flow.” issued a statement about these changes, saying: “We are making this change so that our coupons are more accessible for everyone.”



But wait — what if you don’t have a cell phone?

Don’t laugh, but my grandma still doesn’t have a cell phone and she loves to coupon!

You can still verify your computer to print coupons from with a landline, but the process is clunky.

According to the website: “You can verify your computer with a landline if you call the support team at 1-888-910-1457. A recorded message asks you to leave your name, phone number and email address, and a customer service representative will call you back 'within one business day’ in the order that requests are received, with your verification code. Once you enter the code, you can print as before without having to go through the verification process again.”

Also note the new print system excludes “pre-packaged prepaid mobile phones from non-major wireless providers such as Tracfone, Net10, Consumer Cellular or any government issued prepaid phones.”

Hopefully this helps a little, and we’ll keep looking for more answers for you as this new system rolls out to all users in the future.


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