Seriously, we’re so glad to have you join us. Here are the apps and websites we talked about on-air.

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Paribus will get you automatic price adjustments

Paribus watches your online purchases through your email confirmations, tracks the price of every item you’ve purchased, alerts you to price drops, then requests price adjustments from retailers, automatically. You can literally save money while you sleep.

Fakespot will tell you which reviews on Amazon you can trust

Fakespot gives every product on Amazon a grade, A-F. “A” doesn’t mean the product is good or bad. It means the reviews are good and you can trust them to make your purchase. And “F” doesn’t always mean don’t buy. But it definitely means don’t trust a word those reviewers say. Just copy and paste any Amazon product link into Fakespot, and within seconds, you’ll see whether it earned its 5-star reviews or bought them.

Raise will save you 5-30% on everything you buy

There are thousands of gift cards for sale at Raise. Average savings are 12-15%. This means every time you buy something with a Raise gift card, you’re paying less than the list price for the item. The cool thing about Raise is that “eGift cards” are sent to you instantly, which means you can buy them on the go and use them instantly!

If you’re new and you sign up today, you’ll get $10 off your first gift card purchase of $50 or more with code KCL2017!

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